June 16th, 2009

Desirae flowers

Bento Attempt

My bentos will never be the cute, creative kind that some people create, but it works for me! Not bad for a spur-of-the-moment Tuesday morning decision. :)

green beans, chicken nuggets, &(attempted) tuna-filled onigiri sprinkled with Tony Chachere's creole seasoning. Ketchup in the fruit cup. Diced peaches on the side, not shown. Obviously my Minute Rice is not well-suited for the creation of onigiri, but I'm sure it'll be yummy anyway.

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Onigiri Question

Hi there. I've seen commercial rice molds, but I've seen cute onigiri that I haven't seen molds for, like tiny balls of rice that nestle in a small paper cup in the bento. My first thought was, I can't get my hands to make this tiny perfectly round morsels. My second thought was, hey, they kind of look like chocolates. Then I remembered my husband has candy mold for filled chocolates, about that size. I wonder if I could use those for a mold?
I read recently on Lunch in a box, that one of the guest writers makes cute tiny musubis with ice cube trays.

What else have you used for rice molds? I'm saving my kid's plastic eggs from easter to make small egg shaped onigiri, and the plastic toy containers that you get a prize out fo the quarter machines for a two bite size dome shaped onigiri.

Bento # 577

Another page out of Chibibu's book. I'd forgotten how much I like inari, but the one I made the other day started an avalanche *L*

Bento # 577
Bento # 577
Prawns fried in lemon pepper, roasted mushrooms covered with two carrot stars, green asparagus rolled in ham. Mini corn cobs. Inari suzhi with quail eggs and red and green Cavi-Art™

Sailor Swept

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So I've been wanting to do a bento for forever. I would sit around and lament the fact that I didn't have a fancy box and all of the accessories. Then I changed my attitude and decided to find things around me to use. Working at Target, the One Spot has offered some surprising options. We had these little Sesame Street boxes that I thought would be really great to use. They are pretty decent depth wise and I figured I could decoupage the lids. I think I'll keep Cookie Monster though. The bite out of the kite is hilarious.

Anyways this is my first ever attempt. It's just a snack bento for my break at work tonight. I tried to do something other than just put food in a box. Definitely need to work on my flower cutting skills.

We've got strawberries and peaches with a colby jack flower. On the bottom some pizza rolls and green peppers with some radicchio accents. I used wax paper to separate everything. I scalloped the edges but you can't really see.

My boyfriend and I are trying to go grocery shopping more instead of eating out. So next time I'll hopefully have more green stuff.
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Bento Bento

A couple of Bento from last week

This one is smoked salmon and celeriac gratin, salad with cherry tomatoes, cherries, blue container of vinaigrette, a cheddar babybel and some chocolate.

The second is a sandwich bento; mortadella, cheese and pickle sandwich, goldfish crackers, strawberries and a strawberry full of sugar for dipping and some chocolate. I love the grass dividers, it stops my sandwich from getting strawberry juice on it!


Spicy bento

A friend gave me a much-treasured jar of sambal belacan (Indonesian condiment made with chilli and shrimp paste) and I used it in a spicy stir fry of okra (lady's finger) and peppers. Leftovers became today's lunch: rice, chicken cakes and okra and peppers in sambal belacan. Hot stuff!


I hope the husband remembered to remove the grass dividers prior to reheating in the microwave! I have been working from home most days for this month and I have found that a bento works really well even at home. It saves me time from thinking about what to eat for lunch and putting things together. Being able to just have my lunch and then get back to work (just like in the office) also improves my work flow. Highly recommended.

Rice Noodles

Contents: rice noodles in a sweet garlic and chili oil sauce with frozen veg and eggs.

Look at that dirty rim, Gordon Ramsey would be ashamed. I really need to go to the grocery, didn't have any meat or fresh veggies so I tripled the eggs and added frozen pea and carrot mix.
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Finally took a picture!

Here are today's bentos:

Top red tier: breakfast - yoghurt with peach slices, almonds & granola for the yoghurt in the little HK.
Top black tier: morning snack - celery & peanut butter in the large HK, afternoon snack - ham & chipotle flavoured roll-ups on salad leaves.
Bottom red tier: lunch dessert - peach & Christmas orange
Bottom black tier: lunch - left over baked chicken (store bought pre-marinated) & acorn squash on salad leaves.

Sorry the picture is so small... when I try to enlarge it, it looks crappy even though it was saved at high res... ???

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I haven't post much lately as I haven't been very happy with the quality of photos I'm getting. If anyone has tips on improving my food photography, I'd love to hear them. Here are a few recent ones which didn't turn out too bad.

middle eastern day
middle eastern day
Tabbouleh salad, chickpeas with lemon pepper, half a small pita under three skewers of cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, strawberries and chocolate bugs.
The return of salmon pinwheels
The return of salmon pinwheels
I had trouble take a photo of this one. It features a salmon pinwheel over baby greens, a brown rice onigiri flavoured with lemon pepper, tea jellies, mixed berries, ginger snaps and salad dressing in the little box.
Wrap slices
Wrap slices
The rolls are made up of tortilla, cream cheese, roast beef and cucumber. There are a variety of cut veggies including tomatoes, carrots and broccoli with some yogurt dressing for dipping. And blackberries for dessert.
Curried Rice
Curried Rice
Curried rice mixed with peas and beans. Chicken meatballs share are next to fresh cherries. There is green tea and pineapple yogart in the side car.

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It's summer for us now so there is less need for bento. This one was for Kidlet to take with him on his "daddy day" since the father has not yet learned how to feed the Kidlet properly lol

Rice bear and star, carrots, checkered apple, pineapple, cucumber, and boca nuggets with ketchup

Mom's Bento 2

Mom was off today but she has work tomorrow so I finished her lunch to take. #1 Was a success! She said she ate every morsel :D

Here is #2:

Left: 2x Reese Cups in the heart cup, cornbread puffs on colorful toothpicks.
Right: Pepperjack cheesy ramen noodles, topped with carrot flowers and an American Tigger bouncing in the middle. [Tigger is her fave WtP character.]

She commented a lot on how good it smelled cooking so I hope it tastes as good as it smells. Its not terribly healthy but she wouldn't really tell me what she wanted except for the candy so..

Outback Steak Special

Hi everyone!  I've been making bentos for a few months now (and lurking in the community).  I just purchased a camera and I thought I'd start sharing my lunches.  :) 


Top:  Steak (left over from an outing at the Outback) sliver sliced, two onigiri
Bottom:  pineapple, blueberries, cherries, cauliflower, broccoli, sugar snap peas and carrots

Wednesdays lunch

Wednesdays lunch!


from top left going clockwise, a little piggie with hummus and cheese stars on top, carrots, cucumbers and a cucumber star, grape tomato and olive skewer, under the cucumber and cheese star is a little cup with mixed fruit, and lastly an egg bake with cheddar, onions and mushrooms with cheddar flowers on top, all lying on a bed of fresh spinach :)
this is a smaller size box. sandwich sized.

Bento # 578

A seemingly good idea that went all BLAH.

I've done this before, but with rice, not pasta. And pasta does't work. What I did was to use two kinds of pasta and a Kitty-onigiri shaper which I filled with the white kind of pasta while surrounding it with the 7-colori kind. And then carefully remove the mold. Unfurtunately.. pasta sticks very well to a plastic mold so the poor Kitty was whacked out of shape. I tried to stamp a ketchup-Kitty on top of it.. but with mediochre results.

On the good side: the second tier came out quite nicely *L* I hope my kid will appreciate the effort...

Bento # 578
Bento # 578
Back: 7-colours pasta spirali with pesto and cheese. In the middle some minute pasta in the shape of Hello Kitty, covered with grated parmasan cheese and a Ketchup-Kitty stamped on for emphasis. Front: Spicy chicken fillet, mini- and regular corn cobs, lightly cooked, sugar snaps, quail egg, cottage cheese and blue grapes on skewers.