June 15th, 2009


Bento # 575

My kid's lunch for Monday. Not the most inspired. I think I'll regard it as "Modern Art" - but it was late and I was out of ideas.
A cool thing: I found fussili based 100% on rice. So now my kid can have rice AND pasta in one go *L* They're meant for gluten intolerant people of course, but I thought it was fun since I'm mostly substituting the traditional rice with pasta. And now.. I'm substituting rice with ... rice.

Bento # 575
Bento # 575
Rice-fussili with peas and carrots, tossed with grated cheese, parmasan and garlic oil. Topped with purple quail eggs and green asparagus. Watermelon, corn cob slice, more green asparagus and some crispy chicken.

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veggie deluxe

breakfast and lunch shown - i just love these tiny containers they hold a bit more food and they don't spill! and my bento never get crushed either ^_^ (always a plus!) i kinda feel like im cheating on my other bento boxes though >_>

breakfast udon - homemade broth with pre-made dashi powder seasoned with lots of hot spices - fried egg - tons of veggies- fried tofu and a sliver of fishcake and kelp

fried shrimp with blackened seasoning and cayenne pepper
mini perogies i could not pass over in the frozen food section (lol!)
sauteed pearl onions with brussel sprouts
mushrooms and carrot slivers

have a great day~
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White tier: Teriyaki steak cut into pieces on a bed of brown rice, and wakame in sumiso. Om nom nom.
Pink tier: Homegrown apple dipped in chocolate. This was a good idea at the time, but it got a little messy, and didn't taste as good as the chocolate strawberries (duh!). But, as today is an organic chemistry exam, I thought it was worth a little extra effort. ^^ Next time though, strawberries go with chocolate, and apples go with honey.

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BBQ Bento

Another leftovers bento.

Contents: Barbecue chicken, cottage cheese, garlic dill pickles, a sad little faceless cheese bear, and a fishy of garlic salt.

I'm more of a cottage cheese and peaches girl, but the Hubs likes his savory with garlic salt.

Three by three

Three bits of brocolli, three thai dim sum, three strawberries and... well that's as far as it went but the rest is some garlic and herb cream cheese, a babybel and under that in a little ziplock bag are some rivita and a soy panda hiding in there too.  A nice light lunch for tomorrow as it's so muggy here... well, for northern England it is anyway!!

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Maneki Neko Bento

Bento # 576

It's not often I use this box, because it's so large. Not only is it 900 ml, which is huge, but it's also very deep and thus hard to arrange things in a pretty fashion in it. But since today's bento was partially leftovers (the potato gratin) and I had some watermelon which had reached the "eat NOW"-date I decided to use some of the space for that. Watermelon is.. well.. mostly water and as such not very filling, except in the box.

Bento # 576
Bento # 576
Potato gratin hidden under some ham/asparagus rolls and a tomato rose. Chicken hotwings, corn cob slices and watermelon.


Choo-choo! Bento #44

Fried rice again!? I did not make the rice this time though. My mom bought it for me from a restaurant, making this a very quick and easy bento to throw together :)

I am using this new Liberty Men's Lunch Box that I got from FIT Japanese Store. It holds 1000 ml! Perfect for my husband!

Details and contents here.

Tuesdays lunch


Tuesdays lunch
top tier: 4 Ritz crackers, spinach/spring mix salad, 3 grape tomatoes, cottage cheese
bottom tier: cheddar cubes, Asian sesame dressing, crispy noodles, black olives
side: mixed fruit :)

this could be my dollar tree box. Ive got two of these. one I bought from another LJ user, and a week later I found the same ones at the dollar tree here. So I figured Id get another one XD