June 14th, 2009


Bento # 574

For the first time ever, I had a fair amount of success recreating one of Chibibu's bentos (from the book "waku waku oekakibento")

It's not quite as "crisp" as her version of course, but it's close enough. I like it. And I'm looking forward to eating it for dinner tonight (ah the joys of working on Sundays...)

Bento # 574
Bento # 574
Blue grapes on skewers, inarisuzhi, egg sheet, ham rolls with green asparagus, quail eggs (dyed blue with food colouring), Crispy chicken fillets, rice with wasabi Cavi-Art™, sugar snaps, mini corn cobs, carrot.

first post here :)

Ive been making myself bento lunches for awhile now, but just found this comm :)
Heres Mondays lunch


On the top left mixed fruit, bottom left cubed cheddar and olives. spinach/spring mix salad on the right
crispy noodles, and Asian sesame dressing in the top with my spoon and fork :)

Mom's first Bento

I finally got the ability to upload pix so here I go with a new show & tell =P

I asked my mother if it would be okay if I made her bentobox lunches to take to work [she often doesn't take breaks when she should be and she needs to stay healthy and not grab a candy bar and that be her meal.] She seemed to love the idea so I am making this in a regular rubbermaid sectioned tub. I'd like to get her a real box to take to make her feel special.

So this is my first box made for her:


Left: Prima Della Brownsugar Ham & Pepperjack Cheese rollups, topped with pepperjack cheese flowers.
Right: Cottage cheese in the heart cup, white grapes underneath kiwi stars.

I really hope she likes this, I worked hard on it even though it probably looks slopped together haha!

Summer Bentos #3-5

Tomorrow's lunch:

Snapware container: another salad! spinach and mint leaves, topped by hard boiled egg whites (yolks removed), precooked beets from Trader Joe’s, cucumber slices, nonfat feta, and grated carrot; Larger sidecar: dried hibiscus flowers, fish and almonds snack, mini bottle of dressing (grapeseed oil and rice vinegar); Smaller sidecar: nonfat greek yogurt to top the salad, with mint for garnish.

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Also, a question: I'm trying to cut excess carbs from my diet (not doing Atkin's by any means; it's just that I find the carbs make me feel full but don't give me enough energy and that I do better when I eat more protein). Any suggestions for bento-friendly meals (other than salads!) that involve less rice or noodles and more protein and fiber?