June 12th, 2009

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quiche friday

I just moved into a new apt so its been a LONG time since
I have put a bento lol ^_^ and now that I have finally have an oven I've been
wanting to make a quiche for a long time and so I decided on mini ones -
I found a great recipe here:
although I added in shitake mushroom (for earthy taste) and scallion and subbed bacon
with turkey bacon.
Inspired by Blorgie over at flickr.

veggie egg roll, chicken bits simmered in brown sugar, hot pepper flakes,
lemon and garlic, hot pepper scallion potato latkes, shitake, strawberry, hot
pepper bites

have a great day and weekend~
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Burrito-ish Bento

Contents: blackbean and corn burrito filling, lime cilantro rice, nacho goldfish, trail mix, and string cheese. Not Shown: small container of sour cream.

This was leftovers from veggie burrito night. My hubby likes to open up the shell and eat the filling, so rather than wrap this I sent it shell-less.