June 11th, 2009


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Hi everyone! Me again. =P
Contents and details for this bento HERE.
I had to use up the leftover kimchi fried rice from yesterday.....

Me: Baby, why didn't you finish your rice?
Dh: I didn't like it that much, too many onions.
Me: What onions? The green ones?
Dh: No, the white ones. *points at some kimchi*
Me: Those aren't onions! It's cabbage. *lies* It's just like lettuce...
Dh: Oh. Well, I don't like it.

Turns out my hubby doesn't like kimchi so I had to pick out all the pieces of cabbage from the fried rice before putting it into his bento today. Next time, I will probably chop the kimchi up finer. He is such a picky eater! Oh well, at least he doesn't mind me making his lunches cute! =D
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new comm.

i looked in the rules and it didnt say anything about advertising other bento comm.s but i will delete if its not allowed

this community is a more for tips and how-to's as well as your normal posting ....its not nazi- ruled (not that this one is but some are) and you will have freedom to post anything at all related to bento (recipes , arrangement, where to buy boxes and supplies , ect.)

its a new comm. so feel free to ask questions~~~

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This is the Bento of Experimentation.
Left Tier: The Dessert Experiment. Strawberries with melted-then-cooled chocolate. Some of the chocolate got on the lid, and you can bet that's going to be fun to clean off later.
Right Tier: The last of the garam masala chicken onigiri, a Heart Egg that got turned into a Bunny Egg, and garlicky beet greens I cooked myself ^^. Although the garlic smell will probably be hard to get out later too...d'oh.

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Long Time No Bento

Hello Everyone!

It's been a loooong time since I posted, having a toddler who's going through a really fussy stage and taking higher level calculus and Japanese courses haven't left me alot of time to take pictures, but I've still been bentoing!

Contents: Tasty yakiudon, checkered and rabbit apples, and a trail mix granola bar.

Bento bottom question

I'm still doing bento's but I need to get my phone card put on before I can take more pics. I took a heart shaped bologna sandwich with cucumber, lettuce, and tomato on it in my box and kept it in the fridge at work until break. The top was fine but the bottom piece of bread was all wet! the bottom looked like a little water spilled in the bottom. [Condensation?] How can I prevent that next time? If I use a plastic baggy will it still get wet inside the bag?


Bento # 573

Well, if you can't say anything else about this, ya' gotta admit it's at least COLO(U)RFUL! ^_^

Although the flower that was supposed to decorate the pasta came out rather crooked, the rest was pretty in itself with all the contrasting colours. So although this is only marginally an oekakibento, it's pretty enough ^_^

Bento # 573
Bento # 573
Back: Conchili tricolore with cheese/cream/ham decorated with a spring onion/corn cob flower. Front: Water melon Kitties, peas/carrot mix, corn cob in slices, lightly cooked. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce.


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Once again, because I don't always remember everyday to upload and write entries...

large bento list from the past week. Somedays I had more than one meal with me.

First off! Today's bento. A successful experiment!

Bottom Tier: Goth Pasta. Homemade angelhair pasta colored with a bit of food coloring, and plain white cookie-cut skullpastas, in a catnip pesto sauce
Top Tier: Flower-cut carrot pieces and 4 tiny crabcakes with a lil bottle of rice vinegar.

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