June 10th, 2009

I got some new toys!

Here is a bento for the hubs, using a few of my new toys from ichibanusa.
Pasta salad with multigrain pasta, fresh veggies and some lite sausage. A bunny egg on top of a salad with a little bit of bacon wrapped chicken sliced on it,dressing in the bottle. Some mixed nuts and a few chicken wing flavored pretzels. Hee hee ultraman fork for fun.

I found smoked gouda babybel cheeses,So, now when I buy the babybels, I have three choices, and laughing cow has started marketing tiny wrapped cubes again! I remember these when I was a child, they used to come with three flavors in the sleeve, like onion,herb, and garlic, or crab, lobster and seafood. Oh they were so good! I am so happy they are making them again.
Edit to add two snacks for my daughter today, one to keep her occupied during my doctor visit and teh other for school.

562: spring garden

I got a wee bit inspired this morning to try a sort of "theme" bento like I used to do a lot of. Bottom layer has brown rice, snow pea grass, ham and carrot flowers. Top layer has a ham "rose" with snow pea foliage, greenery, and some pickle slices. M&Ms in lid. Wish I had gotten some yellow in there -- could have fried up some tamagoyaki and made a sun or yellow flowers, but no time.


Bread and salad


I often pack dinner leftovers for bento but sometimes store bought food provides a nice change and still saves us money from eating at cafes. This one had a sausage bun in the lower tier and the upper tier had mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and a container of garlic parmesan salad dressing.
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Laurabento, you are a wonderful Person.

Before I praise Laurabento even more for introducing me to my new favorite Houston store, here's today's Lunch! (please pardon the messy desk in the background... think of it as a way of size comparison?)

Top Left: Leftover Steak from last night, a cheddar Babybel, 2 cocktail onions.
Top Right: Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, Greek Style hummus with sesame salt
Bottom: Grapes and 2 Orange gummies (which were Heart Shaped! I nearly shrieked when I opened one).
Not in this picture: Chococat Thermos of Diet Iced Tea.

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Discussion and pic sharing(bento recycles!)

Or, in other words, what sorts of things have you once thrown away that you use in your bentos now. Please discuss and share pics. I saw these in my van today and the light went on. I'm doing some testing on how leakproof they are, but if you have kids, you either pitch these or they are rolling around the backs of YOUR vans, LOL.
The tiny one, with the ring still inside would be great for salt and peper mix, red pepper flakes, or furikake. The bigger ones, if they prove leakproof would be invaluable, for salads. If not they would still keep a small handful ff like pub mix fresh and crunchy. The hello kitty thing fell off of a McD's toy, and now I don't have to buy an animal shaped food topper. The bottle that was once full of cookie sprinkle has furikake in it and the tictac container is destined for the same duties.

I would love to see what everyone re-uses, let's let our bentos help the planet as well as look adorable!
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I found this at Target back in their seasonal section. It's only one layer but for $2.99 I think it would be something great for starting out. It doesn't hurt that it's cute. They had it in red and yellow I believe.


Bento # 572

Another of the semi-blah bentos. This time it was mostly the fish that acted up. It looked so juicy and white and delicious on the picture of the package, but once it was baked... it klooked more dry and bland, like an oversized fish stick *sigh*

That'll teach me not to believe in the glossy pictures on frozen food *LOL*

Bento # 572