June 9th, 2009

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Two bento for tomorrow as my mum and sister both needed one.  On the top is mum's with Marmite ricecakes in the little ziplock bag, a mini apricot tart that I threw together with leftovers from this big one, some pasta salad, a mickey mouse shaped chicken dipper, two mini quiche (also made with leftovers from the tart), a babybel and somewhere in there are some red grapes and strawberry gummys.  The bottom bento has a square of tiffin, some red grapes, a strawberry gummy, pasta salad, 3 mini quiche,a mickey mouse dipper and a babybel. 

I think I'm just going to start lining all bento with lettuce,it just makes them look better than being able to see the box, even if it is green!! Also apologies for the rubbish pic, my camera really is on it's last legs but it's my birthday next week so fingers crossed!! 

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Much Ado

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Dinner bento following exam. Didn't really need bento, I could have just waited till I got home around 8pm, but why would I want to do that when my bento was so tasty??

Just cucumber and mixed veggie rice. Moon and stars made from more cucumber (hand cut hence the wonkiness)

The rice was left over from dinner the night before and basically included everything I needed to get rid of out of the cupboard. Tasted just as good cold :) It has kidney beans, onion, green beans, veg stock, paprika, cayenne pepper, dried basil, dried rosemary and dried oragano.
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Today's lunch is a little light.

Apple slices, muenster cheese, boiled egg and an avocado. I also have a sidecar of yogurt that is not pictured.
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561: rollups

So many people are having lovely little creative periods and I'm feeling pretty blah. Many last-minute bento without much prettiness. This is turkey rollups with some veg and M&Ms.

Today Muffin has penne with turkey pieces and parmesian shavings. Cauliflower, lettuces, carrots and edamame in other layer. Chocolate chip cookies in the purple plastic, and some Fruit 66 tattoos to share with friends.


Bento # 571

OK, as much as I'd like to, I can't keep making charabentos every day. So here's a more boring one, mostly dictated by the leftovers from dinner. I tried to spruce it up with some flowers, but it's still rather blah.
At least it'll be tasty. And the container is a thermos-type box,so it'll keep everything nice and hot until lunchtime.

Bento # 571
Bento # 571
Rice with tomato sauce, decorated with flowers made of cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sugar snap peas. Under a layer of carrot/cucumber flowers is some roast chicken scraps.