June 8th, 2009

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Hello bentolunch, long time no post!

I'm going out with my daughter today to storytime followed by a picnic in the park, so I *had* to make a bento. I love how this one came out!


From top left, clockwise:

Rolled sandwiches - sunflower seed butter sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. Baby goldfish as filler.
Avocado. Snapea crisps as filler.
Straws (my daughter loves straws) and utensils.
Laughing Cow cheese with two types of crackers.
In the silicone heart, cut up strawberries. Then there's a cut up tofu pup that is surrounding a small container of ketchup.

The sidecar has half a banana and some applesauce.

Not shown, my water bottle and my travel cup filled with a homemade iced decaf mocha latte. ;)

Hope you're having a great day!
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bento #85

bento #85, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

A summery bento... even though this has actually been a cold June.

Cucumber sandwich fixin's, because actually making the sandwiches the night before would result in soggy sandwiches. Persian cucumber slices, rye bread squares, chive & onion cream cheese.

Tomatoes and blueberries.

Chocolate orange sticks.

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My laziest bento yet. I wasn't feeling well last night, so I threw together some leftovers.
Left Tier: Leftover orange chicken with a lettuce liner and hat.
Right Tier: An apple and a half from the Farmer's Market (not from our tree. :( And I just noticed that the huge bag I picked yesterday is missing. Hey!), with a little cup of yogurt for dipping.
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Bento #15

I am super excited about eating this today. The smiles make me super happy. I have a simple rice onigiri, boiled egg, and these wrap things I make with rice paper filled with rice, tuna and veggies.
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Greek Salad Bento

Wow, how long has it been since I've posted a bento?  One week too long.  Here's one with a tasty salad:

(click for larger photo)
Organic greens, onions, herbed chicken, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, hummus, feta cheese, and pita chips on the side.


Kat finally did a Charaben :)


June 8 --
Top Tier: Pineapple, Snow peas, baby carrot sticks, deli spirals
Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring greens, ham and swiss pinwheels and grape tomato balloons
Edit - forgot to list the bear shaped boiled egg - must have been my subconscious since it didn't turn out that great - the egg was a little too small (and I buy large eggs!)
Strawberry and melon gummies in the lid

Kat finally did a Charaben! :D This is Deady, from a comic by Voltaire.

June 8 --
Top Tier: Spinach Namul, Bean Sprout Namul, quail eggs, kamaboko, baby carrots and coconut gel w/ strawberries (which she said was yummy together)
Bottom Tier: Rice w/ furikake, Sugar snap peas blanched & tossed w/ a little olive oil and salt & pepper, broccoli and Deady made from Nori, cheese and roasted red pepper

A close-up is posted on my blog: http://anamericaninbento.blogspot.com/

Happy Bento-ing! :)

3 From Last Week

First, the good news: I'm not diabetic. The anemia is acting up again, but no diabetes. I also lost 7 pounds since seeing the doctor just on reducing portion sizes alone. :)

This week starts the hard work: exercise while keeping the portions down.

Okay, on to the bentos....

June 3
Jun. 03, '09

Bottom Tier: Salad, Strawberries
Top Tier: Mini Bagel Sandwich, Vinaigrette for salad, an extra Strawberry

Collapse )

As you can see, I'm still working out servings of the various food groups a bit.

Finally, I'll more than likely be posting weekly rather than daily since all my graphic stuff is on the desktop, which I rarely use much any more. ;)

Summer Bento #2

For tomorrow:

Snapware container: Leftover soba, tongue and tomato with black pepper on top, soy sauce, carrot sticks, cherries, packet of fish and almonds snack
Sidecar: Dried sweetened hibiscus flowers from Trader Joe’s

I didn't get to eat today's lunch at lunchtime, because they took us out to eat for orientation. So I ate my bento for dinner instead.

Also: I managed to post two days in a row; this must be some sort of record!

Pasta for Lunch.

Pasta for Lunch

I"ve started packing lunch for work in the last couple of weeks and this was my first lunch in my new bento box. It's nothing fancy, just stuff I threw together the night before- wholewheat pasta with smoked sausage and capsicums, steamed vegetables and for dessert, a slice of papaya and a square of my favourite Ghirardelli chocolate.

By the way, I've just discovered this community and am so excited to be part of it. I love seeing pictures of everyone else's bentos!


Bento # 570

I admit it! I cheated yesterday. I'm a BAD MOM! I sent my kid to school with two sandwiches. As my excuse... I'd spent all day as an official at the EU-Parliament-election, and I was completely worn out when I got home. So there was nothing left in me to make bentos from.

Ergo I decided to do something extra with today's bento, I guess she deserved it ^_^
And since my all time favourite Pokemon is Charmander and I realised he was fairly easy (hah...) to make.. well.. here he is:

Bento # 570
Bento # 570
Chicken hotwings, blueberries, Corn cob. Quail eggs, odd tomato. 7-colored pasta with pesto, decorated with a Charmander made of carrot, nori and mamenori.