June 7th, 2009

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Monday's bento!

Hello all.
Here my bento for tomorrow. Hopefully I'm not sick anymore then and I can have normal foods again. If not my boyfriend will surely love to take it along with him and devour. x)

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Summer = Bento time!

I haven't posted much this past year, but I'm going to be bento-ing almost every day this summer because of my new 9-5 job, so I figured I would try to post here more regularly (not every day; I don't have the time for that, but maybe once or twice a week).

Here's my lunch for my first day of work (in retrospect, I probably should've packed something less, well, Asian, as the kelp has a little bit of a strong smell, and I always manage to gross out people with my love for beef tongue, but I wasn't thinking and just packed home foods that I like; oh well - we'll see how it goes):

Snapware container: Cold soba noodles and green onions tossed in sesame oil, bottle of soy sauce, sliced beef tongue – made by my grandma especially for me!, spicy kelp salad with shredded carrot
Sidecar: Half a sliced pear
Not pictured: Can of Apple Sidra (an apple-flavored soda; to drink), snacks to keep me going throughout the day (heart to heart cereal, a small apple, and a packet of my favorite dried fish and almonds).

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Back in action.

After a good week and a bit of boring looking bento that hardly deserve the name I feel this one has reached postable standards.  I've really just been throwing food in a box and leaving it at that.  Tonight I felt inspired to actually try again.

So here we have pasta salad with some cherry toms, a strawberry gummy, a babybel, a gerkin, a slice of homemade ginger cake (really hoping the paper cup'll stop the vinegar from invading the cake!!) and hidden underneath the right hand side are some Marmite flavoured ricecakes. 

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