June 5th, 2009

559: Soba

Easy Friday soba noodles with peanut sauce, grilled chicken with tomato sauce (hubby made), edamame, and frozen blueberries. Lid has dried squid snack and colored tortilla strips. Running perilously low on groceries! You can tell by near total lack of veg.

Yum Yum!

Bento 6/05/09

I've only posted once so far, but I've been making a bento almost every day. I saved $70 in May by packing my lunch as opposed to grabbing fast food. That's like 16 BK Big Kids meals I didn't eat.

Top tier: linguine with a 4 cheese sauce and sweet sausage, with linguine hearts
Bottom tier: cherries, carrots, baby greens, and French onion dip in the container.
Not shown: Hello Kitty hard candies in the lid.

I made an order with Ichiban Kan last night and they already shipped my order today, wow!

I got my boyfriend a 900ml box because he's been eating too much fast food lately. I'm nervous about making him lunches because I like to do cute things, and he's a manly man with a manly job who doesn't like non-manly things. Not to mention he's a hungry, yet picky eater.

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I got the new bento toy I ordered from jbox.com, so we had to try it out!

Read more on my blog and see a picture of the new toy! http://anamericaninbento.blogspot.com/

June 5

Top Tier: Bold Chex Mix, Sundried tomato hummus and macaroni salad

Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens, ham and swiss pinwheels, grape tomatoes and egg slices w/ fun yolk shapes :D

Side Car: Strawberries, pineapple and checkered apples

June 5

Top Tier: Strawberries, Blueberries, spinach namul and apples

Bottom Tier: Crab sticks, Egg slices w/ fun yolk shapes :D, baby carrots and rice w/ furikake

Wanna know where we got the boxes? http://anamericaninbento.blogspot.com/

Happy Bento-ing!

first bento!

my first bento! =)

[ for my bf's lunch at uni]

lettuce(lining the box), dumplings, broccoli, carrots, fairy bread and chocolate!

i used cookie cutters to cut thehearts for the fairy bread =).