June 4th, 2009


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Top tier: Mixed rice onigiri with leftover teriyaki salmon inside, with grapes. Ugly grapes. The rest of the grapes from that container magically found their way inside the freezer...
Bottom tier: Wakame with some hijiki thrown in, and a sliced bunny egg on top.

This is the bento of "running out of food, time, and ideas." I started this way later than I meant to, and I'm just glad I got a lunch together for myself before midnight.

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Bento # 569

As always when all other ideas elude me, I turn to Kitty-chan. So this is the result of me needing a bento for my dinner without a clue as to what to put in it--- Didn't turn out half bad after all.

Oh and egg is irritatingly difficult to photograph. When the egg is right, everything else is too dark - and vice versa. Gah! Thank god for Photoshop. At least that way I can fiddle enough with it to be semi-ok.

Bento # 569
Bento # 569
Tonkatsu & tonkatsu sauce. Corn cob. Sugar snap peas, carrot flowers. Skewered blueberries and a tomato rose. Rice mixed with red Cavi-Art™ and umeboshi, decorated with a Kitty made of egg white, nori and tomato.

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...seriously one big bento backlog

Sorry, got a little distracted with work and a trip to California... Hence, me not taking as many pictures, and not really remembering to post the ones I did take. So here's the highlights of the past month or so...

Made when I started work at the kitchen again, sadly nothing spectacular about it, other than I'm very pleased with the furikake on my rice. Octo-dogs with spicy dipping sauce in the bottom most tier, and edamame, piggy soysaucebottle and basmati rice with veggie furikake in the top tier.

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by kisa_chan
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Alternate title: whew, it's kind of crowded in this box!

This bento holds: noodles, carrot-sweet potato curry, little bits of pita bread, grapes, bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, and some tamagoyaki which didn't work out as well as I had hoped! (The egg set before I managed to roll it up, man, this is hard! :(
I also packed Nata de Coco, I don't know what it is. The ingredients say "nata de coco" so not much help there, I hope it's tasty! :)

Just another day in the neighborhood...

Read more on my blog at http://anamericaninbento.blogspot.com/

Top Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ ham and swiss pinwheels, carrot flowers and a car shaped boiled egg

Bottom Tier: Pineapple, Strawberries and Macaroni salad w/ carrot and snow pea flowers

And here is Kat's for today:

Bottom Tier: Umeboshi Onigiri, Baby carrots, bear shaped boiled egg, mushrooms, a little iceberg and broccoli for filler

Top Tier: Blueberries, strawberries and pineapple

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And now for where I got the boxes, see my blog at http://anamericaninbento.blogspot.com/ (or livejournal.com/kashmirkat) :)

Happy Bento-ing!

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Kidlet's last day of 2nd grade today *sniff*. He requested a Togepi since he just captured one in his game. Togepi is made from swiss and american cheeses on top of a "ham" sandwich. He sits alongside a pokeball apple, grapes, carrots, and cherries.