June 3rd, 2009


Chicken with sundried tomato and mustard sauce

Thanks for the kind comments on my previous post regarding my thumb. The stitches are out now and the wound seems to be healing well. Here is my first bento after the incident (I made a couple of sandwiches but nothing fancy): parsley couscous, grilled asparagus and chicken with sundried tomato and mustard sauce. Just about everything was leftover from dinner. I just cooked about double the amount and packed the rest into bento boxes. They were in the fridge overnight and then ready to eat the next day without reheating. I placed them in insulated bags during the day and that worked well.


Recipe for the chicken is posted at Soy and Pepper.

Happy Bento-ing :)


Tier 1 -- Pineapple, Blueberries, kiwi, Cucumber slices, carrot sticks and macaroni salad w/ nori flowers all decorated w/ some food picks :)
Tier 2: Mixed Spring Greens Salad w/ strawberries and walnuts - He has raspberry vinaigrette in a container for the salad

Kat's Bento:

June 3 -- Top Tier: Cajun Catfish chunks (leftovers), rice w/ an umeboshi, spinach namul
Bottom Tier: Blueberries, Pineapple and strawberries

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For where I got the boxes, including links, see my blog at http://kashmirkat.livejournal.com/
Happy Bento-ing :)

Bento # 568


I don't really know what went wrong here. It's a Pikachu, right. But a Pikachu like if it was drawn by a blindfolded 5-year old...

I hope my kid will recognize it... *sigh*

Bento # 568
Bento # 568
Omelette Pikachu on top of spaghetti-and-bolognese sauce. Skewers with kiwi and blueberries, mini grissini and a pokeball made of wheat tortilla and nori (half of it coloured with food colouring)