June 1st, 2009

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Party Food Leftovers

My camera is dying again so not a great picture but here's tomorrow's lunch.  Clockwise from the top left: a mini thai green curry wrap, two thai sweetcorn fritters, a curry puff, southern fried chicken strips, strawberry fruit gummys and two gyoza with a panda of soy.  In the little blue cup there's sweet chillie sauce and there are some cherry toms as gap fillers and it's all on a bed of baby spinach. 

I had to cook off a lot of my party food that I use for bento as I'd opened the packets to use a few pieces for bento previously and so the rest was getting freezer burn.  Nothing better that a supper of party food for no reason and the leftovers are going into bento for the next day or two... if my dad doesn't manage to eat them all beforehand!!!
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Bento #9, #10 and #11

I didn't get a chance to post my lunch from yesterday, so here it is.

It's a brownie, turkey sandwich and apple slices. Pretty simple really, but it was a good lunch.

Then today's lunch consists of two bentos. A lunch bento and a desert bento.

The desert bento has a brownie with strawberries. I used some vanilla yogurt to make the designs.

This was the first time I've tried any sort of sushi rolls. I think they turned out nicely. Also in the lunch is a boiled egg and some leftover orange chicken (we buy it at Trader Joes. Delicious!).
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Tuesday's Bento [my 4th attempt]

This is the lunch I'm taking to work tomorrow. I was making omelettes again this morning so I thought while breakfast was cooking I'd pack my new box too.

So here is my lunch in my brand new bento box :D


Top: blackberry & raspberry fruit cup in heart shape reusable cup, leftover grilled hotdog cut in half and shaped [roughly] like octopi, and strips of plain omelette folded into the right portion.

Bottom: Plain ramen noodle mixed with a bit of red wine vinagrette. Mmmm!

[I know I kinda skimped on veggies so maybe I'll do all vegetarian Wednesday. -ponder-]

quickie bento

In a huge rush this morning.  Awesome Little Man was hugely cooperative and got ready on time to go drop the car off at the garage before school.  This took all of 5 or 7 minutes - however long the dumplings took to steam.  Packed the box then left the lid open to cool whilst we went looking for socks and brushing teeth, etc...

steamed Korean dumplings, fish cake patties, yellow & red cherry tomato slices (he will only eat tomatoes cut in circles), berries, lettuce under dumplings, mango in side car, jello cup.  Sides of ketchup & balsamic.

Bento 8

I have Microbiology tonight and have to pack dinner so here it is!

A prehistoric scene! The dinosaur nugget stalks the unknowing pepper and mushroom tree walking ever so carefully on the pepper grass under the American cheese clouds. All on a piece of white bread cause I used up all the pasta.

A neighborly bento :)

I packed this one for my neighbor - see more about it on my blog http://kashmirkat.livejournal.com/

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Now on to Rob's bento:

Top Tier: A little leftover frittata, blueberries, checkered apple, pineapple, Macaroni salad w/ carrot flowers and pea pod stems/leaves and black sesame seed 'ground' and a grape tomato ladybug w/ nori dots and face
Bottom Tier: Mixed spring greens, leftover grilled chicken breast, star shaped boiled egg and carrot flowers
Sabra Hummus to go cup (and a few extra crackers thrown in his bag and light ranch for his salad)

Now for Kat's bento!

Jun 1 -- Top Tier: Brown Rice, Stir fry w/ tofu, chinese broccoli, baby bok choy and onion
Bottom Tier: Apple, pineapple, blueberries and imitation crab stick

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A lot more info on my blog, along with the picture of and how I made the frittata that made a small appearance in Rob's bento - yum yum!!

For now I have title my bento "An American in Bento" (sort of a play on an American in Paris), because I use mostly American foods in Rob's bento - Anyone have a more clever name for me?? Maybe I should have a contest! :)

Happy Bentoing!!

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Left tier: Sliced carrot, and wakame and scallion in sumiso sauce. That was some tasty seaweed! But for some reason, the recipe was a major pain to find. I guess it's cause it's such a common household recipe in Japan, nobody ever thought to translate for the poor gaikokujin chef. :P
Middle tier: Brown rice with sliced carrot and furikake dots.
Right blue sidecar: I apologize for the super-fugly peach. It was already bruised by the time I got around to slicing it up, and was brutally oxidized this morning when I took the picture. I have one peach left, and it's going in a smoothie. XP Oh and some grapes.

That charming smear of dirt you see below the middle tier is courtesy of my cat, who felt the need to get his muddy little paws all over my towel in order to investigate my food and make sure it was fit for consumption. His or mine, I'm not sure...
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Bento # 565

I'm still in Manga Mood ^_^

So this time it 's another of my kid's favourites, Nnoitra Jiruga, from BLEACH.
Again, I'm not really familiar with the anime, but I've seen enough drawings and other (My spoon is too big...) to know what Nnoitra approximately looks like ^_^ - and my kid loved it when I showed it to her ^_^

Bento # 565
Bento # 565
Small greek beef patties on skewer, tzaziki with a cucumber flower. Sugar snaps. Carrot accents. Ovenbaked pasta with veggies and cheese sauce, hidden under a Nnoitra made of wheat tortilla, ham and aubergine/eggplant. A little edible marker used for eyes, teeth and the top rim.