May 30th, 2009

~Pita Neko~

Hi All!  i've been watching here for some time now.  Thought i should finally post my first in here.  Thanks for sharing!!  i really enjoy very much!!  :)

~My Saturday Lunch for work.  i didn't feel like putting much time on it since it was late and i'm tired.  Made it easy and simple for i will have a busy work day ahead of me.  Whole Wheat Pita Pockets stuffed w/Turkey, Green Leaf Lettuce and Lite Mayo and on the side, Fresh Strawberries.
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Soba Monster

Monsters are a popular request in our house. 
Top is some nectarines, cheese, mini dumplings, and hot dog, bottom is soba, eyes from de-yolked quail eggs with inserted halved stuffed green olives - very happy with how this worked.  Hot dog and carrot mouth/teeth, snow pea hair/helmet.

A class at Little Man's school had a Japanese food expo and oh boy did they get goodies from us - they had all kinds of bento supplies and some onigiri and easy stuff.  1st graders.. thought it was terrific.  great idea for cultural awareness or waste reduction or any number of things with school age kids.  LM's class is measuring how much waste they produce at each lunch and his contribution is umm...  zero.  so rarely does he ever have any packaging and all the picks and stuff come home.  Multiple lesson plans available with this stuff.



Kyo nom nom

Question from a Newb

Hi, I've been lurking but have finally joined. Yay. Once I have a camera that works I will be able to share my tiny bentos. ^_^

But first, a question. Whilst searching the 'net for cute ideas, I came across someone (can't remember who, it may have been pikko? I honestly don't remember -_-') who used a gyoza press to make little sandwiches.

Now, my question is: does this work very well and if so, where did you find one? I've only been able to find them on Japanese sites and I don't wish to pay for that much shipping.

Much thanks!

EDIT: I found it online at for $4.99. Huzzah!
It's listed as "Helen's Asian Kitchen Dumpling Press" XD