May 28th, 2009


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I would rank this one under "shoddy looking, but tasty." My camera was running out of batteries, so I had to make the photography quick today.

Top tier: Bed of lettuce, two turkey burgers, with sharp white cheddar cheese on each, and mini tomatoes.
Bottom tier: We didn't have any lemons in the fridge, so I sliced up a lime instead and dipped the little apple from our tree out front and the strawberry slices in some diluted lime juice. There are also some grapes, all on a classy paper towel liner.

Even when I was making it I was thinking of ways to improve this bento, but alas, my supplies are in the mail. I would've cut the cheese (hurr hurr) with star cutters, and included some ketchup in a little snap-top cup. I would've also arranged the tomatoes more artfully, but that's where they fit. Now that I think about it, some yogurt dipping sauce would've been nice for the fruit, but again, a little cup would be helpful.

These were taken in natural light on the kitchen counter. Next time I think I'll lay down a neutral towel for the background. Food photography is notoriously difficult - does anyone have any tips? TIA. ^^

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Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 648: Let Me Eat Cake

It's been a while since I made salmon saka-mushi. It still is, as I didn't have salmon, but the tilapia I substituted tastes just fine. Basically, this is fish and mushrooms and spring onions and carrots and snow peas, all steamed together in a tinfoil package until they're nice and juicy. Up above it I have avocado maki and, joy of joys, baked purple sweet potato. However, the market only had these skinny little things. "They're taking the babies!" I thought when I saw them. But I still got a few because I've been suffering from purple potato withdrawal.

On the other side I have a mandarin orange, strawberries, a few cherries, and a dried persimmon, which is more or less a persimmon that's been raisined, but instead of wrinkling up it is squashed into a flat ring. And I have a slice of pound cake made from a recipe my sister gave me. It's awesome, and easy to make if you have an electric mixer. If, like me, you don't, your arm will get a workout.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Bento # 564

After wondering all day what to do, it suddenly struck me: Kon, from Bleach. I could make another egg sheet and use some of the brown from yesterday for the mane. And so I did. I poured a healthy layer of parmasan over the pasta in an attempt to make an even background. But it's still wobbly so I'm not sure he'll stay in Kon-shape for tomorrow... so I showed him to my daughter so she could see how it looked before being jostled around in her bag...I'd meant it as a surprise but there's not much surprise if the picture is ruined so it's impossible to see what it was supposed to be.

Oh and the egg sheet thawed nicely. I put it on the lukewarm pan I'd used for the new one and it tasted just like it did yesterday. And no, she didn't eat Belzenef - she and her classmates had been debating (no matter I actually TOLD her last night) what it was - and she decided it looked weird and wouldn't eat it >_< I'll keep feeding her with egg sheets until she gives in and eats them *evil laughter*

Bento # 564
Bento # 564
Roasted vegetables, mini corn cobs. Fish dumplings. Green and yellow kiwi. Tricolored conchili pasta with pesto and grated parmasan, decorated with mini corn cobs and sugar snaps - and Kon made of plain and brown egg sheets with a touch of nori and ham.