May 27th, 2009

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bento #83

bento #83, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

I totally forgot to take a photo as I was making my lunch Sunday night. But I eat the same bento all week, so it doesn't really matter.

Korean-style boneless short ribs with kalbi sauce. Please ignore the icky white congealed fat (since these are leftovers), which will melt after being nuked for a minute.

Rice, with more kalbi sauce.

Frozen edamame, which will also get nuked. I like them warmed up a little if they've been frozen before, I find they're more appetizing that way. (Although I love cold edamame that's never been frozen.)

Apple slices and a couple of madeleines.

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Bento # 562

Since this bento is for myself, I could happily use all I wanted such as rice and nori.

This is an adaptation of a bento I saw in "501 bentos" - the original used tobiko, but since I had this lovely green Cavi-Art™ I thought it would be even better for green leaves ^_^

Bento # 562
Bento # 562
Rice, nori, wasabi-flavoured Cavi-Art™, sugar snaps and mini corn cobs. Quail eggs, radish. Tamagoyaki with nori, edamame with pepper. Blueberries.

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Bento #6

I use to never pack lunches, but since I got my bento, I have packed a lunch every day. It's super great.

My bento for today. Pasta with spaghetti sauce, carrots, boiled egg, and some red jello.
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bento hiatus

Long time no bento! Was on work travel for two weeks, and the few times I have made bento I have not photographed it. Still making bento lunches, but just no time to do as much documentation. Here are two I did up with leftover hamburger and some lovely fruits just coming in.

A very familiar looking Bento.... Again :)

Today I got the official email notification that our Bento workshop at the AnimeNext convention has been accepted - woohoo! It's a lot of work and $$, but we enjoy it :) We charge a $5 fee, but they get a little bento starter kit to keep and to fill it at the workshop :)

Read more about it on my page (and where I get my boxes etc):

Now on to today's bento!

Yesterday I started walking with my neighbor when she walks her dog. I had to quickly finish this when after I got back as she arrived right after I began packing it :)

May 27 -- Top Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ sliced grilled southwestern chicken breast (still leftovers :), carrot flowers and a few grape tomatoes
Bottom Tier: Raspberries, bold chex mix, macaroni salad w/ cheese flowers and an out of place star, edamame and snow pea stems :)

Kat's Bento:

May 27 -- Top Tier: Mixed spring greens, baby carrots, macaroni salad w/ cheese star and corned beef
Bottom Tier: Raspberries, dried kiwi and edamame

Bento #1

Hi, I've been watching this community for a few years now and this is my first post.

Top: orange pepper, onions, mushrooms, ham, sesame seeds

Bottom: boiled egg, jasmine rice and nori ^^

Dorm Bento (not quite) number 7

Home from school for the summer finally but I have to take a summer class so I'm making bento's for that yum!

The top is fresh uncooked mushrooms, a boiled egg shaped like a car, and strawberries. The bottom is whole grain pasta and the container has parmesan cheese. Sorry for the blurry picture!

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Afternoon bento

I only had class this afternoon so I used my 1layer box for today, which I absolutely love <3

Left: Mixed salad with some carrot and radish, babybell cheeze, monkey contains yoghurtdressing, tulip dividing wall and a octopus-pick.
Right: Green grapes, some kiwi slices, walnuts and some chocoballs with a whole hazelnut inside <3

Not on the picture is a strawberry shaped bottle with candy powder. (that's what is causing the red glow on front edge of the box)
I'm gonna clean that and try it as a big sauce bottle, hope it works well then I should get more :D

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Another post

Another post by my hand, sorry about that. But I didn't foresee that we would have leftovers today that had to be put in a bento.
And I usually make left-over-bento's right after dinner. :)

Top: Dried cranberries, green grapes with picks, bottle of dressing for the coleslaw next to it, and a babybell cheeze with star cutout :) 
Bottom: Very (very O.o) spicy green curry rice,  on top mushrooms and a radish/carrot flower , bean dividing wall, bits of chicken and carrots.

I had to cheer up the color of the rice, since it seemed kinda low on colors without the flower on it. So I used mushrooms to divide the rice form the radish, so my radish won't taste like curry tomorrow x)  (now lets hope that will work ! *lol* )
And I am loving longer daylight for evening pictures! Yay for no flash needed.

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More Bears & Rainbow Bread! Bento #41

So I attempted to make rainbow bread again. This time I had enough time to knead all the colors in but...I forgot to add the yeast in so it did not rise like I wanted it to! AHH!! So i made bread sticks instead of the loaf :( The colors are too light tho. It looks like cotton candy >.<

I got the pooh shaped ravioli from Target in the frozen food section :)

More details on this bento here.
Maneki Neko Bento

Bento # 563

One of my first attempts of a real kyaraben, at least when it comes to manga/anime characters (well.. except Totoro I guess)
This time it's Belzenef because my daughter loves him and just made him as a hand puppet the other day. She came down while I was making the bento and was thrilled at the prospect of a Belzenef bento ^_^
(For those who are as ignorant as me in regards to anime/manga, it's a character from "Ouran High School Host Club") HERE is a pic of what he looks like in the anime.

now I just wonder if she'll actually eat him. She's usually not fond of egg sheets, but I didn't know what else to use, when she likes cheese slices even less... *_*

Bento # 563
Bento # 563
Tamagoyaki hidden under a tomato heart. Sugar snaps. Chicken nuggets drizzled with a little tonkatsu sauce. Quick-pasta with peas and cheese (and tomato sauce, hidden under Belzenef which is made of ham, eggplant and egg, coloured brown with a little soy.