May 26th, 2009

501 Bento Box Lunches

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this book to come out for like, forever. Trust me, I have been too. The book is currently on Amazon under the old title "500 Bento Box Lunches" and some sellers are selling their copies for utterly ridiculous prices. I saw one for $63.00. Do NOT buy from these sellers. The book is set for US publication in early June. Surely you can wait a few weeks to save yourself 50 bucks? If you live in the UK or Europe, the book is available now via Graffito Books.

Some of my old lunches are in the book, so I have mixed feelings about my old yucky lunches being published, but this is still exciting. That's my sushi on the cover! (not loving the photoshop job done on it though)

antm - allison

Bento #3, #4, #5

I just got around to posting them. I like how they turned out. I need to get some more accessories so I don't get in a rut with using the same stuff every day.

A bento I made for my boyfriend. Noodles, spaghetti sauce, jello, carrots and cookies.

Boiled egg, edamame, rice, soy paste and carrots.

Chicken dumplings, snow peas, boiled eggs, rice and soy paste.
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26 May

Top layer: salad of pea shoots, spinach, courgette and tomato with balsamic & smoked garlic dressing
Bottom layer: rice, edamame and minced beef cooked with soya sauce and sesame seeds
Off screen: a satsuma, a banana and a petit filous

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Love leftovers :D

For Memorial day, we bought the best hot dogs I have ever tasted in my life :) We also decided to grill chicken breast, which I marinaded in a southwest marinade. I knew we'd have leftovers that I could use this week in Rob's bento on his salad - sure makes it fast and easy to pack :)

This bento only took me maybe 15 minutes :)

May 26 -- Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ southwest marinaded grilled chicken breast left over from Memorial weekend, carrot flowers and a few grape tomatoes
Top Tier: Cole Slaw left over from Harold's Deli over the weekend w/ carrot flowers and cilantro, bold chex mix and fresh raspberries
Light ranch for his salad and strawberry and melon gummies in the lid

Kat's Bento:

Kat says she is going to start following the Weight Watcher's points program online. She has Prom on June 18 and is hoping to lose a couple pounds by then.

May 26 -- Botom Tier: Spinach Namul (korean recipe), tamagoyaki, steamed rice
Top Tier: Raspberries, baby carrots and fresh sliced mushrooms

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Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #55

Contents: beef and veggies rolls (recipe from "The Manga Cookbook"), cherry tomatoes and apple chunks.

Fairly simple, I had to use up the beef and wanted to try these rolls since forever!

Bento # 561

The aquarium-bento I made yesterday got me thinking about coloured pasta. And I decided to give it a try. I cooked the spaghetti as usual and then added a few drops of food colouring into it and stirred. Worked a charm! I can now have many many kinds of odd colours in my bentos ^_^

Bento # 561
Bento # 561
Mini meatballs on a skewer. Tomato/quail egg-toadstool. Corn cob slice. Skewers with yellow kiwi and blueberries. Pink (coloured) spaghetti with a heart-shaped egg on top.

#2 Bento

I went a little simpler. Since I'm still a newb and this still felt like it took forever to make.

I found some colorful toothpicks to make cucumber kabobs. I wanted to put carrot on too but I couldn't stick them all the way through...


I have a fruit cup leftover from my supply, cucumber kabobs, pb &j topped with five pb pretzel sammies. <3