May 25th, 2009

New, hello!

I've been lurking off and on for a little bit before I actually decided to join. I love all things japanese but what really got me interested in starting bento is.. well, I'm diabetic and after a recent bout of trouble with it [kind of my fault for bad eating habits] I got to thinking about how I could make eating healthy -fun- because I get discouraged really easy :( and Bento popped in my head.

So the reason I'm posting [I didn't see any health links or anything like that] does anyone have any fun/healthy tips on packing bento's for a 15 minute lunch period at work? I work at McDonalds so you know that hasn't helped my health any.. also I can't heat my lunches [I nearly got chewed out for doing that once.]

Oh, and I just bought this bento:

Cute Bento!

I didn't want something TOO infantile looking, but that was still cute.

Bento # 560

Today I got two bento books from Amazon - Face Food and 501 Bento Box Lunches - and a recurring theme in the latter was the Aquarium bento. I'd made some of those myself over time, but it was quite some times since I lase used that idea, so I decided it would be as good as any.

I considered colouring the pasta blue, but decided against it. I'm not opposed to colouring my own food, but this is for my kid and .. I didn't dare risk she wouldn't eat blue pasta - or risk that her class mates thought she was even weirder by doing so.

So .. the pasta is its own colour. Now if I could find naturally blue pasta... Wow...

Bento # 560
Bento # 560
Melon and blueberries on skewers. Yakitori, quail egg. Pasta spirals with garlic oil, decorated with carrots, sugar snap peas and dill, all on a "bottom" of BBQ'ed eggplants.

Too excited to wait for my box..

So I went to the store tonight and got the stuff for the week for makeshift bento's in a rubbermaid box. I just cut a paperplate up for a separator, and a cute bunny cupcake cup for my fruit but from the pic you probably can't see the cup :(

My 1st Bento Attempt:

Left is a leaf lettuce salad fenced in with baby carrots, and the right top is my attempt at turkey & cheese sandwich rollups, and right bottom is a mixed fruit cup. [raspberries, blackerries, blueberries, and strawberries.] The pink bottle carries my red wine vinigrette.

Mmmm.. can't wait for a fresh start back to work tomorrow.