May 22nd, 2009


First Bento

Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a few weeks now, and after a trip to Little Tokyo, I'm ready to present my first two bento!

I made this for lunch Tuesday, May 12th.
Left tier: Brown rice onigiri with chicken + garam masala filling and dried apricots.
Right tier: Baby spinach salad with grated gruyere cheese and some crackers I found in the fridge for croutons. Classy, no?
The apple: An apple.

A snack bento for Thursday, May 21st. Another brown rice onigiri (I froze a few when I made them the week before), mini tomatoes, and a bear egg.

Something I've learned: shichimi togarashi only really works well in soups. Alas.
I'm hoping to sharpen my cooking skills over the summer, as I've got a kitchen in my dorm this coming semester. And shaping up my photography skills wouldn't hurt either. ^-^
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OMG I can't believe I pulled this off....

Didn't thing I was ready for this level of bento... but I did it for the bento challenge contest!


The Tardis wasn't supposed to be speckled but I'm a dunce and forgot to add the blue at the begining of making the rice. Still works though, dyed soba noodle trim and mozzarella windows and pine nut for the flashing light thingy.
Tom Baker Doctors hair is shitake, skin: balogna, coat: dried gourd, scarf: fruit roll up, shirt: regular mushroom.
The Dalek was inari zushi with inari strips, split pea bumps, pecan death ray, raisin plunger thingie, and some chicken bits from chinese left overs as fried body :P
(OK YES I CHEATED ON THE LETTERS! I got desperate, my attempts at hand writing were just not working and I needed to do something before I lost patience and just pitched the whole thing :P)

My other entry for the contest. (I was originally planning DR Who but seeing as there were two other entries for the Dr. I'd do a back up.
In the not too distant future, next sunday AD, there was a guy named Joel, not to different from you and me.....

Unfortunately I wasn't as pleased with this one. Though part of it is a bad angle. (Gypsy looked a lot better from a lower angle) But mostly just ended up messier looking to me.

Top is pretty obvious...

Gypsy is died tofu with inari lip and pickled garlic head light. Crow is sweet omlette with pine nut eyes, soba noodle arms and nori trim. And a Tom Servo for dessert of apple, marshmellow, chocolate sauce and candy drop head.
Mixed in the rice is dried gourd.

So yeah... I'm nuts.

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