May 21st, 2009



I made this for my husband's cousin. That's why it's in a paper box. I tried to make rainbow bread, but I didn't have time to knead all the colors in so it's kinda a marbled rainbow.

I am going to post a tutorial on my blog on how to make rainbow bread when I have more time.

More details on this bento on my flickr, as well as where I got 101 cookie cutters for 10 bucks, how i organize my bento supplies, and cool new bento gear!!



As one of the maintainers here (althought the most non-active of us) I'd like to really thank everyone for all the comments that has been posted lately. It's great to see that people spend time to post on other people's work! I know that I personally LOVE the comments and I bet I'm not the only one.

So.. THANKS! Please keep commenting. It's the comments that keeps the community alive. Nobody wants to post in a seemingly unresponsive comm.. and I'm so happy that this is truly alive! Keep it so! ^_^
Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 647: Polyglot lunch

Some months ago my coworker Maria brought a bunch of mantecados - Spanish cookies - back from her visit to her hometown. They were delicious and shortbready and almondy and lemony and created an amazing amount of crumbs. I vowed to try to make them myself. I wasn't happy with the recipes I found on the web; most left out the lemon and almonds, and the one I tried was messed up, the proportions wrong, so I ended up with a swamp on a cookie sheet. After that I backward-engineered it based on Scotch shortbread, and Maria gave it a thumbs-up, so I packed it in my bento and posted the recipe to my site so everyone can make some. It's really easy - if you can chop nuts and zest a lemon you're good to go.

So! Here we have free-form maki - which is sushi with whatever I have handy, in this case shiitake, cucumber, crab stick, and smoked salmon - stir-fried vegetables, light-fried plantains, and mantecados.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Bento #2

Not as exciting as yesterday, but I do have one question. How do you guys handle bananas? They taste funny cold and look awful after a short time in the fridge.

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Here is a bento I just made for lunch
it's the same ingredients I used in my bento yesterday but last night someone bought carrots :D
so, tuna under the rice, rice, cucumber, mozza, carrots, broccoli and some nori accents.


Oh wow...

Sorry.. I have to share this!

As it is probably obvious, I'm a HUGE fan of Chibibu's bentos from - and I finally gathered the courage and sent her some of my own pictures (she has a "special guest" part of her page - and whaddayaknow: They're on the site now!
(^_^)/ YAY!
(I'm Lisbeth... and my oh my did I have problems with writing in Japanese >_< My poor dictionary...)

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Another for bentochallenge! This one was for my mom to take to work :) She liked showing off her super cool cheese to her coworkers lol

Ham sandwich with Tardis and logo cheese, checkered apple, carrots, cucumber, and more apple.