May 20th, 2009

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My "First" Bento

So, I've dabbled a bit here and there, and my husband has been getting unofficial bento for lunch, but this is the first one I've put a real effort into. My son and I are going to go on a long bus ride (24 hours, arrgh!) so I have to have plenty of snacks for the both of us. Contents are cheese cubes (cheddar and string cheese), caramel-apple mini ricecakes, a strawberry, cherry tomatoes, and (on Friday when I leave) an onigiri.


I haven't gotten an official bento box yet, and don't know when I will, but the sandwich-sized ziplock containers work quite well =) I bet I could sew a cloth to tie them in, but that would have to wait until I get back!

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Ladybugs are back! :)

May 20 -- Bottom Tier: Mixed Greens Salad w/ cucumber flower halves, ham turkey & provolone pinwheels, a star shaped boiled egg and 2 grape tomato roses :)
Top Tier: Macaroni salad topped w/ green onion & 2 grape tomato ladybugs :), Sundried tomato hummus, pineapple and raspberries
Light Ranch dressing in the container & melon and strawberry gummies in the lid

Close-up posted on my page - see below :)

Kat's Bento:

May 19 -- Gotta love leftovers!
Bottom Tier: Broccoli, Tandoori chicken and Indian spiced rice (both leftovers from dinner)
Top Tier: Blackberries, Papaya and Pineapple

May 20 -- Japanese Curry, Rice (under the curry), Pineapple, Salad w/ cucumber hearts, craisins and raspberry vinaigrette in the bear bottle :)

I am attempting to use my page more as a blog, so if you wanna read a little more, including where the boxes I use came from, you can read it at: -- Be warned, I am pretty darn boring!!

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My First Bento

This is my first bento. I really liked it and it was delicious.

On a bed of snow peas and carrots, I have hard boiled eggs (with sea weed for the face), tortellini leftovers and three onigiri.

It's a lot of fun and I can't wait to make lunch for tomorrow.
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Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 646: The Naked Lunch

Sometimes I have leftovers before I even finish cooking. That is the source of my "inspiration" for today's naked gyoza. I ran out of wrappers before I ran out of filling, so I meatballed the rest and fried them up. Since gyoza wrappers are noodly I served these over udon noodles. On the other side I have miscellaneous stir-fried vegetables with some tonkatsu sauce (which also seasoned the noodles), simmered shiitake mushrooms, and light-fried plantains.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
Sailor Moon: Usagi Needs a Clue

first post!

Hi there! it's my first post here. I'm excited to have found this community.

These are bentos for 3 days, meant for a dear friend of mine. ^_^
(Edit 8pm, sorry, I just noticed the guidelines post. I'm going to remove the cut, since there are three separate pictures of three bentos. :( forgive me!)

Spoiled Robot Bento Box 1 contains nothing more than home made coconut rice and Japanese style curried veg.

spoiled robot bento 1

Spoiled Robot Bento Box 2 is a bit more complicated, with organic buckwheat/potato gnocchi, tofurkey italian susage, tomato sauce. On the side are strawberries with grapes and adorable chocolate bamboo cookies.


Spoiled Robot Bento Box 3 was the most work out of all of them. Homemade Inarizushi (marinated Tofu Puffs stuffed with wasabi/salmon rice), Beef gyoza, sweet mochi cakes, and more bamboo guys I totally added those after the picture.


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I made this for bentochallenge this week. I'm going to try to do one for myself before the end as well.

Kidlet has a peanut butter Chikorita sandwich with chocolate accents, checkered apple, carrots, cucumber, strawberries, and apple Pokeballs.

I am particularly proud of this bento and Kidlet said it was the best yet. Although that could be because it's got chocolate all over it. But it's the end of the school year so why not!
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TV Show

Here was the TV show bento I created


tuna under the rice, rice, cucumber under the broccoli, broccoli, mozza and some nori accents

EDIT: Thank you everybody for your comments!! I had no idea Six Feet Under was so simultaneously popular and unknown! haha You guys are awesome