May 19th, 2009


Bento # 557

OK so this is mostly a Leftover-bento. Which means I had to work with what I had - the pasta.
Also I don't know what happened to my photo, it was wayyy dark (all the approximately 10 pics I took of this one) so when I'd Photoshopped it into acceptable lightness, it became rather grainy. Apologies for that.

(side note: My kid ate everything BUT the quail egg man in yesterday's bento. Much to my surprise. But it was better than I'd expected *L*=

Bento # 557
Bento # 557
Strawberry, grapes, chili chicken, sugar snap peas and oven-baked broccoli. Pasta with mornay sauce, corn, broccoli and more cheese, decorated with a cherrytomato rose perched on some basil leaves and a crispy bacon foundation.

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first post

 Well, I thought I should finally post something, so here goes.

Top layer: veggies, grapes, peanuts, avacado grapefruit sushi roll (sounds weird, I know, but it's delicious).
Bottom layer: rice, edamame, grapes. ginger dipping sauce in the bottle.

Nothing too fancy, but hey - it was a delicious snack!

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Teady Bear Picnic Teady Bear Picnic
This is a picnic bento for my daughter. It features two ham and cheese sandwiches shaped like teady bears, some cherry tomatoes, some cheese crackers and a lollipop.
Dollhouse Bento Dollhouse Bento
Inspired by vervet_monkey bento last week and to celebrate the shows renewal, here is my attempt at a Dollhouse bento. The background is a mixture of buckwheat soba noodles, black beans, black sesame, ginger and soy sauce. On top there is white cheader cheese and the mores code for Echo, November, Whiskey, Sierra and Victor made of regular and sugar snap peas. There are more green veggies tucked underneath to be mixed in at eating time. On the side there is some gummy bears and stewed apples.
First use of Little Green Men box First use of Little Green Men box
I was on the move on Saturday and this was lunch, in my new fabulous Little Green Men box. I cut up a bunch of tortillas in to strips, served with hummus and kumquats for filler. The bottom of the box contains a mix of veggies with some dip, a strawberry and a two bit brownie. There are a couple of lollipops and a granola bar in the lid for snacks.


Bentos for my 5 year old

I discovered bento last year, when I was talking to someone about making cloth wrapping paper (to cut back on the waste of using paper), and they told me about  "Furoshiki' - when I googled that, I found bento!  I was hooked straight away.

I work from home, so while I keep meaning to make bento for myself when I do my daughter's..... it never happens.. so at the moment I only make kids bentos.  And pretty plain ones... since I hate mornings :) I really should make an effort to make it for me too. I like to focus on vegetables, since I think she gets enough carb and protein from breakfast and dinners... and I know she's had her veggies for the day :)

Annoyingly after spending $20 on egg moulds, she won't eat boiled eggs (not even pink ones!)... so those are going to waste... the only other cool bento thing I have is a set of picks that can make tomato balloons :)  (which I'm scared of losing, so I don't use them much).

So... this morning's bento

I'm using a "fit & fresh" lunchbox.  The bottom level has carrot, star shaped mini ham & cheese pizzas, "cherry" tomatoes, Cucumber, cubes of beetroot and my first ever moulded rice!  (which was not eaten, so I won't bother making that again).  Then there is a container of apple, and some cinnamon wholemeal  (sugar-free) "pikelets" (mini pancakes)

Previous bentos I've done.  These were when my daughter was in preschool and I used a different lunchbox:

Ham & cheese star sandwiches (wholemeal bread), carrot , watermelon pieces, cheese teddies and cherry tomatoes.

A bird made from a slice of apple, carrot stars, cheese hearts, cherry tomatoes and podded peas

And this was my first ever bento...

Carrot, beetroot and capsicum ('bell pepper') flowers (stalks made from cucumber skin), capsicum heart, cheese stars, cucumber, purple rice balls, dinosaur pasta, peas and wholemeal bread

Bento #166

I do no like mobile phone pictures. But I didn't get a chance before work to take a picture so here we are. It was too cute not to take a picture. This would have been very appropriate for valentines day.

Black beans and rice and a salad
Hello Kitty

My First Bento

Even thought this is technically my second bento, I like to count it as my first.
Even though I rushed and it's isn't cute T.T
I am posting this to Eat My Bento as well, so if you see it there it isn't a mistake.

I'm sorry about the picture quality; all I had was my camera phone at the time.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, shredded carrots, white rice with nori fumi furikake
0518092301.jpg picture by tomboynero

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Another first bento

I got bento boxes for my co-worker and myself and made us our first lunches today. :) Here's one:

Onigiri with toasted sesame seeds, grape tomatoes, carrots

Miso ball, spinach and green onions for soup-in-a-mug

Chicken breast sauteed in mirin and teryaki sauce (grabbed it by mistake instead of soy sauce)

Blanched snow peas on picks (pretty, reusable picks haven't arrived in the mail yet)

Sauce: mirin, accidental teryaki sauce again, honey, fresh ginger--simmered and reduced. Poured over the chicken and snow peas because sauce bottles haven't arrived yet, definitely wish I'd had those so I could have a bit more control.

Bento # 558

Penguin bento. I used this rather huge (900 ml) box because I packed a lot of fruit and it takes up a lot of space considering its nutritional value. It's filling in the bento but not in the stomach *L*
I then added an egg and some tonkatsu in an attempt of keeping my "poor kid" from dropping dead from starvation the moment she comes home from school ;)

Bento # 558
Bento # 558
Skewered melon, black grapes and strawberry surrounding a penguin made of black-and white pasta, cheese and tomato sauce. Hello Kitty-shaped egg, tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce, sugar snaps and sautéed leek.

you need a doctor baby?

My first Bento!

Hey guys,

so I was stalking around the last weeks and I found so lovely Bentos in this community. I was impressed by your creativity :) Of course I got hungry and I made my first Bento today. It's a test for tomorrow, because we'll have a company outing. Now I decided to do Bentos for me and my colleagues who are also my friends~

So, n00by Bento is coming:


What's inside?: 

Up - hard boiled egg on a bed of carrots; heart/bunny/bear sandwiches with mayonnaise, ham, salad and cheese; strawberry <3
Down - 2 Onigiri filled with Tuna/Mayonnaise/Wasabi, a Babybel cheese and another yummy strawberry

I liked it :3 I got this adorable Bento Box as a present of my beloved boyfriend. Now I need to make him a Bento, too. ^^ Thank you bf! =D

Have a nice night/day (whereever you live :D)!

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Hello all. Here my bento for tomorrow, the empty spot in the bigger (Shaun the Sheep <3) box will be filled with sandwiches in the morning. But since I don't have time in the morning to make pictures etc, some empty space there still.

Close from lower box, closed shot and contents ofcourse behind the Collapse )


Bento Box #53

Contents: yaki onigiri on a bed of lettuce leaves, carrot flowers and three cherry tomatoes.

Just a quick snack for tomorrow, work being pretty hectic due to the upcoming elections. I had a craving for onigiri after seeing all that yummy ones here! A big thank you to pikkopots  for her heads up on that lovely onigiri box and for the big inspiration for filling it! 

May 19 :]

 My lunch for tomorrow! YAAAAAAAAAAY! You know what I found out? I get weird stares for bringing bento boxes to school. And I go to a culinary school.... Kinda weird but who cares :] I love my bento.

Everything should be self explanitory, a bit of edamame, inari pockets with rice and salmon and garnished with naruto! <3

More @ my blog.
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