May 18th, 2009


Bento # 556

This bento REALLY annoyed me. I had a PERFECT mental image of thi and how I'd make it and everything. And then.. it turned out like this. Rather BLAH and rather... incomprehensible. The worst thing is I bet my daughter won't even be able to see it as it's intended - and she's the astronomy freak around here.
Thing is.. I'd figured those "Wheel" pasta would be great as stars if you cut off the outer rim. What I didn't take into account is said wheel's preference for lodging themselves at the bottom of the pot and in the dislodgement process breaking up into a zillion pieces, none of which resembles stars in the slightest.... So of all the wheels I cooked, these were the ones I was able to sorta salvage, and only ONE wheel escaped from cooking without breaking into pieces... *sigh*

Bento # 556
Bento # 556
Black pasta with tomato sauce, adorned with pasta stars and cucumber stars. Corn cob supporting a carrot telescope operated by a quail egg-man. Fish dumplings as supports. Star crackers and creme fraiche based dip for the crackers.

bloom county: opus dear lj

bento #82: peachy!

bento #82, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Shrimp & bacon with Korean BBQ sauce. They were cooked on skewers, but it wasn't really practical to pack them that way. There's a little bottle of extra sauce in case I want it.

Plain onigiri, for soakin' up the BBQ sauce.

Cherry tomatoes.

Donut peach.

Peach cream wafer cookies.

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Three for today

Today my folks are coming down state to get some dental work done, and they are taking Sarah back up with them, so I packed them all bentos. Here are the results.

My mom's didn't turn out as pretty as I wanted, with the wildflowers and kite...

This was my daughter's, I'm so pleased with the onigiri, it was a cake mold:

Thanks for looking, all my equipment came from the states, they are just found in unusual places.

Pokemon Pasta, Prawn Onigiri, Potato Salad Bento

May 11th - I knew the next day (12th) was going to be a very very long day, so I planned a lunch and dinner bento. Lunch (blue/yellow bento) was boyfriend’s mom’s homemade potato salad, onigiri with grilled tiger prawns inside, raisins, goldfish, mini nilla wafers, and some frosted mini wheats. Dinner was pokemon macaroni and cheese with chives and pepper and a mini clif bar. There is a green wasabi pea on top of the onigiri–its from an “asian trail mix”. There are two ginger thins in the top lid. Since it was going to be a long day, I packed a star-shaped freezer pack later (didn’t take a picture). The ice pack worked so well, my onigiri was too cold! I also thought I had put too much sushi vinegar in the rice, but I couldn’t even taste it.
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First ever!

This is my first bento ever, I'm not sure I'm doing it right, and now sure where to go from here for tomorrow. I made some more hard boiled eggs for another day I suppose. Normally I just eat Peanut butter and Jelly's every day!
Any ideas or help would be great! I'm kinda pick and not very creative when it comes to food (which is why i eat PBJ always).

My first bento-like lunch
From Left to right: 2 Normal sized carrots cut, Cheddar Cheese Slices, Hard Boiled Egg, Wheat Thins, and Strawberries

Meadowlark Picnic Bento


May 9th - My boyfriend said that we could pack a picnic to visit Meadowlark Gardens! of course, I was more than happy to oblige!
Jambalaya Biryani Rice, Greens/Slaw Salad with Soy Dressing, Raisins, Apollo Candies, Kumquat/Apple Skewers. Chai Latte, Diet Green Citrus Tea.

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Lox and Wrap Bentos


May 11th - Boyfriend’s : Whole Wheat Bagel with Chives and Cream Cheese, Multi-colored Goldfish, Biryani Rice leftover from Meadowlark Bento, mini clif bar.


May 11th - Mine: Turkey, cheese, and broccoli/carrot slaw tortilla wraps, raisins, mini cliff bar, goldfish, apollo candies, mini nilla wafers, fruit cup. (way too much food!)
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Illustrated bento!

This isn't actually a bento, but rather my final for my computer illustration class. However, it is quite bento related!

Illustrator is not my strongest skill in the Adobe Creative Suite (I much prefer Dreamweaver and Photoshop) but since this class was required for my major, I had to take it. For our final, we needed to illustrate something that we find lots of interest in, so I chose bento. More specifically, I chose to base it off of one of my favorite bentos prepared by pikkopots! I hope you enjoy it! And pikkopots, I hope you don't mind. It was just for a final, nothing more.

I'm pretty sure this post isn't against the rules, but if it is, I apologize and will promptly remove it.

My Second Bento Lunch

I didn't take a picture of my first one, for it was bunny-shaped blackberry rice balls with nori faces, ravioli and jicama.

But this is better.
Bento the First
Blackberries, Apples, Broccoli, Udon Noodles, Deli Cajun Chicken. Tasty. And better packed.
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Bento for BF #3

For once, I am not late posting this photo. :-3 His lunch for today includes leftover pasta from our lunch yesterday. I hope there is enough to eat...

From left to right: pickles, hard-boiled egg decorated with nori, instant miso soup (the two little packs over there), cold moose wholewheat pasta (Ikea food) in a salad with green peperbell and cherry tomatoes - decorated with cheese, olive oil in the bear dispenser, "five-perfums" dried beef, babybell cheese with a marple leaf cut-out, surimi.

The Simpsons!! :D

I guess I'm feeling more inspired at the moment :) Too bad Rob doesn't need a bento tomorrow - I feel a Calvin and Hobbes coming on... (Been wanting to do it for a while since I keep seeing his Complete Calvin and Hobbes set - lol) - Plus we have the in-laws coming in this weekend (on Thursday), so I probably can't spend another 2 hours on a bento this week :o

May 18 -- Close-up!
Not quite what I had hoped, but I stilll think it came out ok - took WAY too long - I had a hard time finding a cutter to use for the eyes that wasn't too big or small (except for Homer) - Finally it came to me - a straw! :) So I redid the eyes - then I redid the pupils with the division sign from my punch set - the dot puncher I had was a little bigger than I wanted - would still have liked them a little smaller, but they're ok I guess...

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Kat's Bento:

May 18 -- Top Tier: Edamame, Fried Rice, corn cob slice w/ cheese star, broccoli and imitation crab stick
Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens, Blackberries and pineapple and raspberry vinaigrette in the container

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Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #52

Contents: red wine vinegar tuna salad mixed with crumbled feta cheese on olive oil bread slices, cherry tomatoes and apple chunks.

My first try at tuna salad, really tasty I might say! And I love even more my new boxes, I was able fit a whole apple in there!