May 16th, 2009

new to bento, new to group

Hi, I'm posting for the first time, three bentos I've made. I've done more, but didn't take any pics.
Here we go: my daughter asked for a kitty that was "behind something" so I put the pawprints on the wall with kitty ears up next to the tree and clouds. This pics was taken before the cat stole the salami roses..>.< Yes, it's a kids' frozen dinner container, she eats lunch at home still but wants "real bento"

Next, I made these today, for a party: plain ones have fish sausage inside, pink are Ume filled, the yellow have takuan in them, the flowers on the pink ones, came in the package of plums I bought, I think they are cherry blossoms.

This last one I made for the DH, trying to help him lose weight. However, he picked at all the sides all day and then couldn't get down the rice *facepalm* That's when I told him the sides were to help the rice "go".

Thank you very much!

Bento #165

I have a week off of school before I start summer classes so I've kind of been just relaxing. I finally went grocery shopping and decided I need to get back in the groove of things because school is starting on Monday. So last night at work I had breakfast for dinner (an incredibly lazy bento):

Generic Cheerios
Banana, almonds, hard boiled egg, tomato, plain fat free yogurt over banana slices and cocoa and honey on top

In order to avoid yogurt everywhere, I covered the silicone cup with aluminum foil.


This is the first bento I have ever made for myself! My mom brought me some yummy Vietnamese food so I thought, why not?

This bento is not as decorated or cutesy as the ones I make for my husband because it was for me and I don't really care what my lunch looks like =/

Making bento for someone you love is so much more satisfying!

-Cá Kho Tộ or Vietnamese Claypot Fish
-Jasmine rice
-Thai chili pepper
-mandarin oranges
-Rau muống or Water Spinach

For the Houstonians: I found this box at Dynasty Gift Shop for $20 :)


Bento Box #50: a picnic bento!

Contents: ginger-honey chicken, salad and cherry tomatoes, ham and cheese on hard wheat bread, mint flavoured white tea in the drink bottle.

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My first lunch in the wonderful Kids Konserve metal lunch kit, won from a giveaway from Lunch in a Box! I still can't believe I've been so lucky! I was really excited to try it out and I brought it on a trip at the aquarium, this week: I have to say it holds A LOT of food!