May 15th, 2009


Bento # 553

If anyone think they've seen it before, it's a copy of one of Mari Miyazawa (Chibibu)s creations. I have some of her bento books and this is one I've been wanting to make for a long time. And one of the key features is that slice of corn cob. So I was thrilled when I saw them back in the stores today after a LONG winter! And when my kid didn't seem to be objecting to the possibility of having rice in her bento for once (she just said "can I please have some of the curry sauce - leftover from dinner, as were the rice - if you're packing rice in my bento?" So I took that as permission to use rice for once *L* And gave her sauce for dipping them in.
So "onigiri" is a little exxagerated here really, since it's just plain rice rolled into a ball. No vinegar and no filling.

Anyway.. I altered Chibibu's fisherman into a boy who is walking his goldfish? Let's just pretend it's in a small bag with water, shall we?

Bento # 553
Bento # 553
Fried fish dumplings, onigiri with ham and carrot, skewered black grapes. Curry sauce, slice of corn cob (with more ham and carrot), melon fishies. Broccoli and mini corn cob flowers. Rice with more curry sauce, cucumber and carrot.


Shiny Happy Sushi Bento

Shiny Happy Sushi holding haaaaaands
Shiny Happy Sushi topped with ham....

Thank-you to everyone who commented on my first post to this group the other day. You are all so wonderful and encouraging. Your supportive words made me smile :)

So for my second post, I give you the "Shiny Happy Sushi Bento" I made today for my boyfriend's lunch.

-Spicy Thai style noodles (This is quick, easy, and a GREAT way to use leftover spaghetti noodles)  flavored with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, peanut butter, and Thai chili sauce. Decorated with slices of baby lime with nori hearts.
- Corn, tomato, and mint salsa flavored with lime
- Crab and cucumber rolls leftover from earlier this week. I made the faces with little circles of ham and nori.

Theme: A happy bento for a cloudy day
Type: This is an "Aisai Bento" or "Loving wife lunch"- the kind of bento a new wife makes for her husband to take to work. Aisai Bentos are cute healthy, balanced meals with pretty colors and little (often edible) "love messages" in them. Makiki Itoh of Just Bento calls them "sort of a grown up version of charaben".
Time: This bento only took me about 30 minutes- and that includes all the cooking :)
Cost: The net cost of all the ingredients used in this bento is less than $1

Thanks for reading everyone! 
And thanks for creating such an awesome, supportive bento community

Another Sporatic Post

I'm trying to get back into making lunch every day for my husband.  So far not going so great but I'll just have to keep trying!

Top: Egg noodles in margarine, creamy italian stroganoff sauce
Bottom:  Green beans in margarine, fruit gushers, mini candy bar, pretzels

As a side note:  The spell check on this thing doesn't recognize stroganoff as a word, weird.  = /

Bento # 554

a sort of rushed bento, I had only about 30 minutes to make it in, which is less than I prefer. But at least I proved to myself that I could make a bento in less than an hour *L* (not that all my bentos take that long, they're usually between 30 and 45 minutes)

Anyway... if I'd had more time, I would have marinated the eggs in something and given them a little colour that way, but as it is, they had to stay white.

Bento ¤ 554
Bento ¤ 554
Quail eggs on a bed of rice mixed with furikake, adorned with mini corn cobs and slices of sugar snap peas. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. Roasted mushrooms (hidden under the penguin which is filled with cucumber relish). A cherry tomato cut in halves and skewered black grapes.

It's been a WHILE! :o

I haven't posted in sooo long :( I'm only going to post the last 2 days here and then if you wanna see the rest, you can see them on my live journal page:

May 15 -- Top Tier: Mixed Spring Greens Salad w/ ham flower petals and turkey hidden underneath them, provolone flowers and a pumpkin shaped boiled egg (2/3 of the egg for space)
Bottom Tier: Pub mix, pecans, Mac Salad w/ grape tomato roses and lettuce leaves
Side box - Bottom Tier: Blackberries, pineapple and strawberries - Top Tier: Cucumber slices, red pepper strips and baby carrots w/ melon and strawberry gummies in the lid
Saw the flower ideas on laurabento's post and stole it - hehe - needed that inspiration :)

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May 14 -- Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens, ham turkey and swiss pinwheels and car shaped boiled egg
Top Tier: Mac Salad, raspberry preserves (for the shortbread cookies) and red pepper hummus
Side Car: Pub mix, papaya, blackberries and strawberries
Lorna Doone shortbread cookies and light ranch for his salad (I guess he put the cookies back - not sure what he ate the preserves with! lol)

Kat's bentos (reminder, she packs her own and is just too lazy to post them herself :):

May 15 -- Bottom Tier: Baby carrots, imitation crab sticks, tomato roses, strawberry flower and blackberries
Top Tier: Tamagoyaki, cucumber, rice topped with shimeji mushrooms and wakame
Single Tier: Mixed spring greens salad w/ cucumbers and dressing in container

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