May 14th, 2009

Swan Lake

We do the weird stuff!

Made out of lunchmeat, cheese, and nori on rice.

My first attempt at people, even cartoony people. I clearly need more practice. As soon as I made it, I couldn't look at it anymore, because they all look like ducks to me. I need to work on those mouths. And the eyes. Their soulless, staring eyes...

Spring Bento

I had fun making the top layer, but by the time i got to the bottom I was worn out and it shows. My 6-year-old won't mind, though.
Sandwich rolls made from whole wheat tortillas, roast chicken, and sliced peppers and carrots. Fruit skewers and banana, edamame, rice flower with a grape tomato center (kale garnish), carrot sticks, red pepper slices, and peanut butter to dip the carrots.

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Bento for BF #2

Again a bento for bf's monday lunch, made with leftovers from our week-end lunches/brunches and some "surprises" :

from left to right : ramune flavored candies (skeleton shaped, in a coffin box), ham-roll and antipasti (under the italian ham), hard boiled egg (so happy to be eaten), babybel cheese, pickles (he just loves them) and ginger, some leftover "quiche lorraine" cut into stars and flowers on mini-skewers, leftover toasts, frozen mixed vegetables (he's got a microwave oven at work, hurray !).
Dividers are cute antibacterial sheets.

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Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 645: Patchwork Lunch

Since the beginning I've avoided making character lunches. Not because I disdain them in principle, but because I simply have no inclination to cut Pikachus out of cheese. However, a book I just finished gave me an idea... and now you see another reason I don't make character lunches: I'm not very good at it!

So, anyway, here's some chirashi-zushi, strawberries, mango, and lychees. For those interested, the image on the left (and you get 5 points if you recognize her) is made out of egg, smoked salmon, cucumber, simmered shiitake mushrooms, crab sticks, and ume koume, with soba noodles for hair. On the right, above the fruit, I have more of the aforementioned toppings to add to the sushi.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)


Tuna salad for the hubs today. Salad 2 days in a row shows that I have been a really lazy cook! LOL.

I got the idea for the ham flower here:

^^except I cut my petals in half to make them smaller and shorter.

The rose is my own little creation and I have a tutorial for it here:

Full details on this bento here.

And for all you Houstonians (if there are any of you here, I only know 2!), this box can be found at Dynasty Gift Shop in the shopping center at Metrobank Plaza, inside Hong Kong City Mall's Market, or Welcome Food Center (all on Bellaire).

Bento #1

My first bento! Well, first attempt. I just got my new box, which was an awesome sauce deal. I still feel iffy about putting in that tuna...

Bento #1: Top: Carrots, Rice, Canned Tuna; Bottom: Ranch dip, sugar snap peas
Much Ado


Dollhouse themed bento! Very simple foods but I actually really happy with how it turned out :) (And only took me about 25mins, which rocks!!) Eaten while re-watching 'Omega'. Oh how I love Joss Whedon!

Marmite sandwich with 'sleeping pods' cut out of top layer of bread, so you can see the filling through the holes
Apple with 'Alpha' and 'Omega' carved into the skin
Gaps filled with mix of unsalted peanuts, raisens and chocolate raisens
Mint toffee in corner for a bit more colour

There is also cucumber under the sandwich to lift it higher. I tried to carve dollhouse letters out of cucumber skin, but when I had you couldn't really see the lettering, as the skin was too light to give any real contrast with the insides of the cucumber. So I abandoned that idea for a while.

Exam period atm pretty much means my bentoing will be simple/non existant. Haven't really got the time to be worrying about my food shopping or spending time on bentos. BUT they do make me smile, so occasionally I'm sure they are going to crop up :)

(Just a quick question. Anyone else having trouble uploading pics atm? This took me about 10 attempts over 3 days to load. Just wondering if its me or LJ in general?)


Inspired by the newest Star Trek movie...

Kidlet got the communicator on a fake ham sandwich with grapes, checkery apple, and orange slices

And this one I made for my mom to take to work! She has cheese design on a ham sandwich with checkered apple, grapes, and oranges