May 13th, 2009

New to commnity/ Bento making. Lots of questions.

Hello pro Bento makers! I'm new to the community and to the whole bento making thing (in case you couldn't tell from my lame first attempt at making one) I hope I'm not going against any guidelines if I am just let me know and I'll correct my post. I discovered the concept of a Bento yesterday and have yet to buy a bento box and various other Bento accessories. I just have a few questions for you guys since I'm just getting started:

1. What's typically on your grocery list?
2. What are your Bento necessities (acessories, design tools etc.)
3. What are some vegetarian bento recipes? (If you could post websites or even your own recipes that'd be awesome)
4. Does anyone know more online stores that will ship to Canada OR does anyone live in Ottawa Ontario that can suggest good stores in China town?
5. If you can offer me any tips/suggestions or let me know some things you've learned while making Bentos please share :).

Hi Everyone!

I'm new here.

Just found this community today. I've been posting a bento on my  LJ just about every day since I started bento-ing in February. I was so excited to find this community to be able to see what others are doing!

Here is the bento I made today...

Main bento- Theme= April showers Bring May Flowers (hint, hint Weather God!)
onigiri with ombushi (pickled plum) center, wrapped in freshly picked mint leaves. Cucumber roll and surimi roll. Crab tempura. Pink and white kamaboko). Cucumber "flower stem" garnish.

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Thanks for reading Everyone - Can't wait to meet you!



I have been so busy swapping and collecting bento stuff that I started getting lazy with my bento making! Hope I can start making one everyday again!

Here is a bear themed bento that I made my husband take to work! Mwahaha! He said it was "so gay." LOLLLL

-Bear shaped pasta salad w/ ham and broccoli
-Winnie the Pooh shaped ravioli
-Star sprinkles on top of cajeta for dipping the fruit

Like my new bento set? If you live in Houston, you can find this (minus the water bottle) at FIT Japan Store on Bellaire and Beltway 8.

Check out my flickr for the super easy & good pasta recipe, as well as some new items I have for swap and my COOL pasta collection!!


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Here is another pile of recent bentos from my kitchen...

Bento #7 - bagle with cheese Bento #7 - bagle with cheese
This one features a bagel with c header cheese, cucumbers and olives in the bottom section. The top left section has tapioca pudding (a favorite of my husbands) and strawberries. The top right has mushroom bites and some ketchup. Apparently when he opened the box my husband managed to get ketchup all over his sleeve. Good think I have mayo containers on order.
bento #8 - sunrise bento #8 - sunrise
I saw the brocollini and they just said trees to me. The background is pumpkin tortelli (it's yummy). There is tuna and sun dried tomatoes at the bottom with olives and a cutie.
bento #9 - Greek day bento #9 - Greek day
Box on left contains a greek salad (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and lemon juice) rice wrapped in grape leaves and tzatziki Box on the right contains olives, raspberries, a pita, tri-coloured pepper strips and a two-bit brownie. My husband reports that this was just too much food and he ended up eating half of it for dinner.
bento #10 bento #10
This one wasn't the success I was hoping for. I was in too much of a hurry. It contains chicken strips over potatoes, water mellon, tri-coloured peppers and yogurt dip.
bento #11 - left over pizza bento #11 - left over pizza
So this was built around the left over cheese pizza. The salad is made up of lettuce, cucumber, carrots and mini corn. There is salad dressing in the bird and strawberries for dessert.
bento #12 bento #12
The base of this is a mixture of brown rice and mixed green veggies. On top is teriyaki chicken. There are kumquats and yogurt and a lollipop for dessert. The carrot contains soya sauce for the rice.


More onigiri

The onigiri mood from last week seems to have carried over to this week. This lunch consisted of onigiri with teriyaki beef filling, inarizushi, mini beef patties, peppers and grilled asparagus.


I didn't previously use sushi grass dividers (baran) but after buying a cheap pack recently and using it a few times, I am really liking it. It is pretty useful in dividing food that might stick, helps with the layout of food and also adds a nice touch of colour.
Cloth Mother

Little snack bento.

little snack bento, originally uploaded by Semioticghosts.

I've got out of the habit of something to nibble on between meals and have been eating the kind of lunch that makes me want to snooze off in consequence. This snack bento is an attempt to get back on the wagon: four small rye crispbreads (broken in half), tiny pot of organic crab pate, organic carrot sticks, reduced-fat hummus and green pepper face.

I've discovered a Finncrisp source in Ocado online. I may be saved, especially as a dear friend has recently fetched a tube of smoked cod roe paste and one of smoked salmon paste from Ikea for me.


Bento # 552

Thanks to all who took the time to comment on my last bento :) I found out there's a lot more lurkers here than I thought :) And that's good because it means that even with few comments, at least the work people do here is watched by others ^_^

Today's bento is dictated by the fact that we had hamburgers for dinner and I had a little beef patty left (actually I made a few small ones aimed at bento use)

So although this wasn't what I'd decided to make for today's bento (and what THAT was has momentarily escaped my memory - I just know I'd decided on something pretty last night before going to sleep. *Note to self: MAKE A NOTE TO SELF!*

Anyway, this didn't turn out half bad if I may say so. I like my mushrooms which emerged in a spark of inspiration - I'd originally planned to simply do "egg-and-tomato" skewers when I realised I could make them into mushrooms. They're held together with a small piece of spaghetti btw.

Bento # 552
Bento # 552
Orzo pasta with spicy oil and a little tomato sauce (hidden under the bear). Beef patty bear with onion ears and cheese adornments. Mushrooms made of quail eggs and cherry tomatoes, with specks of mayonnaise. Carrot flowers, sugar snaps and black grapes on skewers.