May 12th, 2009


Good news for NYC Bento lovers!

I've been watching this community for awhile, and have been getting more and more excited about becoming a bento carrier myself (I have yet to find the right one).

Today, in an email newsletter I received, I heard about the Japanese Culinary Center, which is scheduled to open in east Midtown Manhattan very soon. I can't wait to go and check them out (and hopefully get a bento of my own), but I also wanted to pass it along to the rest of the group. It looks worth a browse at the very least.
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Bento # 550!

550 bentos. That calls for a sort of anniversary, of course.

At first, this looks rather chaotic, I know. But there's a meaning with it all. In short it's a nature scene... a squirrel (bottom right) besides a small mushroom-and-flower-covered hill with a large butterfly above it all *L*

I guess it's FAIL when you have to sescribe what it's supposed to look like... I had less rice than I thought so my initial plan had to be altered into this. Oh well, it's MINE and I'm having it for supper! YAY!

Bento # 550
Bento # 550
Onigiri with wasabi-flavoured Cavi-Art™, meatballs on skewers. Peanut-prawn butterfly with green aspagarus and shiitake. mushrooms, squirrel made of quail eggs, sweet/sour cucumber relish in the clover. Skewered grapes. Sugar snaps and mini corn cobs.

Much Ado

Bento #23

Exams coming up and a society social on monday meant I was on campus for 12 hours. Unfortunatly lunch consisted of a marmite sandwich and an apple, along with the realisation that maybe I need to do some shopping... dinner was made up of what I did have left!

Noodles with paprika chicken on top of fried onions with peas.

I did have the idea of doing a Dollhouse themed bento, making the shape of the sleeping pods with the peas. Unfortunatly the peas would not behave themselves so that one will have to have some more thinking. (And preferably on a day when I have a little more in the cupboard!!)

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Today Kidlet had a field day at school and we got to have a picnic together after! 

Mine is on the left and contains two Picachu ham sandwiches, grapes,, cherries, checkered apple, and orange slice. Kidlet's is on the right with a Pichu sandwich with soy "ham" and all the same sides. Yum!

For those who are curious, details on the Pokemon Breadcraft kit I used please see the entry on my blog:  as I am apparently too lame to be able to do a LJ-cut

Hello Kitty Bread

Bread.  I don't know what it was about bread, but I just wanted to eat BREAD.  Just plain bread.  Thats it.  Instead of packing just bread for lunch, I created this tasty bento.  Nutrition and bread all in one lunch. Score.

(click for larger image)
Shaped bread cut outs, bell pepper, homemade turkey meatballs, hummus and tapenade, strawberry for dessert.

Definitely cured my bread craving.
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Leftover bento

Just pre-made my bento for tomorrow, it contains mostly leftovers from either dinner or stuff out of the fridge that had small portions left.
Also tryout for new scewers and bags! 

Contents and photo's of new (filled) thermo bag for box + bottle behind the Collapse )

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Bento Kawaii!

Hit the triple digits!

Long time no post! So sorry about that! :/ I've been keeping up with bento making but I've been too lazy to post here also! So I will start from Bento 100 and sporadically continue from there! A lot of the bento I made recently were merely duplicates with different layouts because I made enough food for two or three bento.

Bento 100: Raisin bread used for a sandwich with beef. Yellow mini tomatoes, lotus root mixed with spinach and beans, soy beans

Bento 103: Rice in the top tier of my new black, shiny bento box, and lotus root mixed with beans in the bottom tier. Very simple!

Bento 105: as the days get hotter, I find myself wanting a sandwich! Ham, cheese, and cucumber sandwich with karashi mayonaise, tomatoes in the bottom tier. Lotus root and bean mix with sliced cucumbers in the top tier. (Yes, I like lotus root!0

Bento 106: tunafish sandwich made with the sam karashi mayonaise with cheese and cucumbers. Tomatoes and lotus root with beans. I found it hard to fit the sandwiches into the box because of the box shape, and the fact that I cut the sandwich diagonally. I ended up cutting off some of the corners to make it fit this way, which you can't tell by the picture. Oh, those were yummy corners!

Bento 108: Hanbagu bento! Pasta mixed with corn, tuna, soy beans, side of broccoli in the bottom tier. Hanbagu with cucumbers in between and tomatoes in the top tier. It came out INCREDIBLE thanks to using instand miso soup in the chopped meat mix.

I should make a recipe for that! It seems that no one in Japan uses instand miso soup in their hanbagu mix! The hell? You would think they would!

Sorry for so many pictures! I feel as though my skills are improving a lot compared to when I first started out, but I think that is common! And I am so grateful! XD Especially to everyone who posts such wonderfully delicious looking bento! I watch the comm each day and I always get inspired! Thank you!


Bento # 551

Is it just me or is it like nobody is really commenting on the bentos anymore? Or have I just been unlucky? I freely admit that the main reason I post my pictures is to get comments. If they didn't matter, why post them at all?

And no, I'm not all that good at commenting myself. So I hereby promise to post more comments myself ^_^

Oh well. 'nuff of the whining. Here's my kid's lunch for tomorrow:

Bento # 551
Bento # 551
Tricolor pasta with pesto and grated cheese, decorated with a cucumber frog. Cevapcici on skewers, tzaziki, cucumber, sugar snaps and skewered black grapes.

Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #49

Contents: (bigger box) smoked turkey, lettuce and cheese on olive oil white bread, a few cherry tomatoes. (Smaller box) sliced kiwi and banana.

All packed in my new Mamegoma set. Oh, how I love it!