May 11th, 2009


Bento # 548

This bento started with a sort of accident.
I came home late from work and had something quite different in mind for today's (or.. tomorrow's as it is) bento, when I found a piece of salmon on the kitchen floor. It had fallen out of the freezer when my kid got some ice, I guess. Anyway it was completely thawed (but not ruined, it had only been there a few hours and it's not THAT hot here yet) - so I had to make "something with salmon) for the bento so it wouldn't go to waste.

And this is the result :) Not bad considering I had to reschedule at 11:30pm :)

Bento # 548
Bento # 548
Dessert Pocky, tricolor conchili pasta with pesto, decorated with mini corn cob flowers and spring onions. Hoisin-fried salmon with melissa, two quail egg/cherry tomato skewers, sugar snap peas and roasted spring onion in bits.

Long time, no Bento!

So, bento has pretty much helped me with my goal (to cut my portions) so I don't do it as much. Over time, I started with three bentos per work day! By the end I was only eating 1! Also, my free time dwindled when I began crocheting and knitting so, bento had to take a back burner.

But I'm feeling the bento groove and wanted something nice to wake up to in the morning, so I made this simple meal!


Ground beef with salsa and mozzarella on a bed of really freaking thin Asian noodles.
A salad topped with sliced tomato, salt and pepper.

Strawberry and Blueberry skewers, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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Bento bloggers: Know your worth!

I've heard recently that book "authors" and publishers have been approaching bento bloggers and Flickr users about using their work in upcoming bento books, but not offering compensation or contracts. Don't underestimate the value of your work when entering negotiations! On Lunch in a Box, another bento blogger and I have put together tips on how to know when you should be compensated, how to protect your work online, ways to track where your posts and photos are being used, and how to file effective legal complaints.

For Twitter users, I’ve also created a #bentobox hashtag in Twitter for tweets relating to bento-style lunches. If you use Twitter, just include the word #bentobox (complete with the # sign) in any of your bento-related tweets so that we can easily find relevant info. It should help us find bento-related info (not Filemaker Bento software info!) more quickly and drive traffic to your Twitter feeds and bento blogs. I’m Biggie on Twitter if you want to see how I’m using the #bentobox tag for related tweets.

My 29th :3

My cupboards are running on empty, but it's becoming a lot of fun scrapping together enjoyable meals consisting mainly of just veggies, eggs, and ramen noodles.
Tomorrow, I'm having my wisdom teeth out, so I probably won't be making any form of bento for 2-3 more days, so I made a super special saccharine dessert to make it up Collapse )
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First time poster, Long time lurker

Hi everyone!

I've been lurking around this site since forever, and I've always been so amazed by all your bentos and everything. I was wondering if you guys had any easy recipes/ideas for a completely n00b/newbie at making bento lunches?

(I'm sorry if this post isn't allowed... Wait, that came out a little wrongly phrased didn't it?)

Bento # 549

Leftovers in more than one way this time. The pasta/tomato sauce was a regular leftover from dinner (or.. dinner was a leftover from bento making since I packed the bento and THEN served what was left *L* - and the hotwings is another kind of leftover, I utilized the leftover heat on the BBQ to heat them. Whe'd had salmon (the pescatarian kid) and pork chops and the BBQ was still hot enough to put something on when it was finished. So I pulled two of the hotwings from the freezer stack and left them on the cooling bbq while we ate. I did turn them halfway through dinner but other than that they minded their own business outside until they were done (they're pre-cooked so it's really just for the taste, this)

GAH and while I was posting this it dawned on me that the next one is # 550 - something that should call for a little extra... O.o I need to think!

Bento # 549
Bento # 549
Rigatoni pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese, adorned with a tomato/basil flower. BBQ'ed Chicken Hotwings, sugar snap peas, black grapes on skewers and a tomato/basil/cheese skewer.

Tomorrow the kids get piggies

The cute kind. I was really irked about our kids losing a week of school when there wasn't a single case of swine flu in our county. I'd like to throw rice pigs at whoever made that decision.
Anyway here is my kids' non-traditional bento-style lunch. My husband has a Japanese-American acquaintance who scoffed at my melon balls in yesterday's boxes. To him I say... I'm not Japanese. I'm a Texan, so deal.  ;)

The contents are pretty obvious. The bottom: apple, grapes (on sliced strawberries), peanut butter on celery, edamame,
pretzels, a piece of chocolate. The top: grape tomatoes, rice pigs, a hard-boiled egg, babybel cheese, and carrot sticks.