May 6th, 2009

546: ham rollups

I made two bento yesterday but did not shoot them. They weren't gorgeous and I was all in a rush. I'm doing a ton of business traveling for May so bento making is slowing down a bit! Today it's ham rollups with taboulleh salad, cucumber, carrots and some chocolate chips.

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Need Advice - Post Apocalyptic Looking Food for Bento?

Hi All! I know there aren't many questions being asked in this community so if this is against the rules, please feel free to delete.

I am working on making a "Wall-e" themed bento lunch inspired by annaTheRed, I want to replicate this scene from Wall-e.

I have thought through how to make everything from the sky to the lunch pail in the picture. However, I am out of ideas for what can be used to make the heaping pile of trash. It needs to be grayish and dirty looking. I was thinking of Japanese ground beef and nori but that just doesn't seem "dirty" enough.

If anyone has any ideas for dark and dirty looking food that can be used for the heaping pile of trash, please share!

Thank you for your help.


Bento Box #47: zesty

Thai chicken and coconut milk soup in the bigger container, white rice and an "umeboshi" tomato, sliced kiwi with sugar.

I kept almost all the chicken for this lunch and I'll have the leftover soup for dinner. Yay for tasty and convenient lunches!

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A little late : Monday's bento for boyfriend

Made with leftovers from our brunch on Sunday, not too cute so he wouldn't be made fun at, at work.

Well, he was anyway, but "that's just 'cause they were jealous" he said. X-D

From left to right : pasta, corn salad, surimi, bear and star hard-boiled eggs, 2 crêpes, pickles in the little container, choco balls, acras, octodogs (with some ketchup in the little bag next to the crêpes).


More flowers that are quickly disappearing from the garden - bearded iris - kind of an impressionistic bento. Contents: smashed potatoes with lowfat sour cream background, steamed red cabbage flowers with a bit of omelet, snow pea leaves, pork loin base (296 calories).

I started to carve the cabbage, but when I let it fall apart naturally, it looked more like petals than those I cut, so I used the natural ones instead.

Role Reversal

Two lunches for tomorrow as my father is out all day and so I bullied him into letting me make him lunch too!! It's a bit odd making packed lunches for my parents but as they did it for me throughout my childhood I suppose it's only fair. 

Top box (Dad's) has a mini pita filled with salad and mini turkey & mozerella burgers, meatballs on picks, a babybel, two mini pork pies with a sachet of HP sauce, some shrimp and carrots in sweet chilli sauce and two crab sticks with baby plum tomatoes as gap fillers. 

Mum also has a pitta pocket with salad and turkey & mozerella burgers, with a babybel behind that, a mini pork pie, meatballs on a pick, ketchup behind those, some strawberries and what was a heart shaped carnation milk jelly, again with baby plum tomatoes as gap filler. 

ETA:  I'm only getting these itty bitty photos when I post pics now and if I increase the size the quality is rubbish.  Does anyone know how I can fix that?
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Bento # 546 & 547

Bento # 546 was so utterly boring that I had to wait until today before I dared post it. I am REALLY not happy with how it turned out, but I was partially reined in by the fact that there were leftovers from dinner that should be used, and the fact that some of the veggies I'd planned on using had developed a strange green fur >_<

Today's bento, # 547, turned out a little better. Still far from my best, but it is at least acceptable - and of course, they both TASTE ok, and that is after all the main purpose of food.

Bento # 546
Bento # 546
Banana with "ASCII faces" (not really visible on the pic though) Minute Macaroni with garlic oil, adorned with carrot hearts. Sweet corn with a drop of gravy, bacon/asparagus rolls. Strawberry.
Bento # 547
Bento # 547
Mini conchili pasta with pesto, and tomato/asparagus/basil flowers. Meatball-bear with cheese, green asparagus, sweet corn, strawberry/banana skewers