May 5th, 2009

Long Time No Bento

Here is another bento lunch for the husband after another little break from bentoing.

Top:  Chicken w/ gravy, pickled beets, cooked carrots w/ butter on them
Bottom: Mashed potatoes, gravy, pickled beet love note : )

This bento was not very colorful but it was made up of leftovers from Sunday.  Has everyone tried pickled beets with mashed potatoes and gravy?  If you haven't then you should, its my new favorite thing!

Bento for my fellow Canadians

Hello, just thought I'd let my Canadian bento-ers know that Canadian Living magazine this month has a small feature on bento ($1.99 this month! Yay!) It's rather small, but it has some pretty good recipes.

Also, if you've picked up this issue, do you recognize the bottled drinks? They don't mention them anywhere, but they look tasty!
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Onigiri bento

The weather had been gloriously sunny in Vancouver for the whole of last week, which brought on a craving for simpler and cooler food like sushi and onigiri. This was a very simple bento made last week, with an almost empty fridge: onigiri, little beef patties and edamame.


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A little back log

Bento #2 Bento #2
This one was for my daughter to take on a family picnic. It features a boiled egg cut in half with nori eye balls, turkey bacon hair with carrot stars, strawberries, an orange cherry tomato and a sugar snap pea. Food art is not really my forte but I put the egg in the box and it looked so much like eyes I had to keep going.
Bento #3 Bento #3
This was for my husband to take on a picnic. The top left compartment contains left over burrito beef, orange and red chopped tomatoes, salsa and cheese. The top right compartment contains mini corn and sugar snap peas with a carrot star. The bottom compartment has strawberries and a tortilla shell.
Bento #4 Bento #4
This was my bento on the picnic. It has a bottom layer of brown rice and chopped carrots with sugar snap peas, turkey bacon, hard boiled eggs, mini corn, garlic paste and strawberries. The strawberries were exceptionally good. I won't pack the garlic paste again as it was too strong.
Bento #5 Bento #5
Another one for me. This one features brown rice with furikake, lemon tuna, cucumber, sugar snap peas, mini corn and orange cherry tomatoes. The side car contains strawberries and blackberries. Not shown was the little dish of yogurt dip for the veggies.
Bento #6 Bento #6
This one was for me, but I made an identical one for my husband. It has a bottom layer of grated brocolli steamed and tossed in rice vinegar. On top is a salmon pinwheel (bought like that), heart shaped onigiri with furikake, mini-corn, sugar snap peas, raspberries and ginger snaps.

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Backlog, from two weeks ago -

bentolunch @ 5 May

Today's lunch:

Top: green peppers, nuggets, green pepper & nugget skewers, half a Quaker granola cookies&cream bar, laughing cow cheese wedge
Bottom: baby ball biscuits, chinese pear

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