May 4th, 2009

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bento #80

bento #80, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

I made Cornish pasties for this week's bento. They aren't pretty -- I don't have the delicate touch required for skilled pastry work -- but they're tasty!

To round it out, I have a little salad with ranch dressing, and some orange cream Pocky.

p.s. "Pasties" isn't a typo, BTW... there really is no "r" in the word. :)
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Bento # 544

A prime example of a bento that turned out totally messy :(
I had lots of ideas for this one, but none of them would work out. So in the end I just made all my asparagus bits into a sort of explosion and drizzled carrot- and nori flowers over it. Let's pretend it's a celebration of spring where the flowers bloom and explode in a colour orgy, shall we? *L*

Bento # 544
Bento # 544
Soba decorated with a flower explosion made of gren asparagus, nori and carrot. More green aspsagarus wrapped in bacon and fried, strawberries, stir-fried vegetables. Soba sauce in the Kitty.

Cloth Mother

salmon and avocado wrap bento

The lunchtime of a long day was to be taken up by a meeting, so I got to pack lots of yummies.
The wraps are mashed avocado, lime, black pepper and smoked salmon trimmings on two wholemeal wraps. The biscuits are berry oatcakes (which I took back home, as this turned out to be too much food).

The sections on the right contain marinated artichoke hearts with pink bunny pick, apple slices with dates, red and yellow peppers, carrots and cucumber.
In hindsight, I wish I'd swapped the positions of the red and yellow peppers for better colour contrast though....

(The box is a systema lunch cube, Lakeland limited sell them in the UK. One half folds over the other and locks, but the lock is not liquid-proof.)

Maneki Neko Bento

Bento # 545

More of the "weird pasta" - this time something we (my kid and I) looked at each other when we saw it and just said "HAIR!"
So hair it is :)

Bento # 545
Bento # 545
Strawberry/banana skewers, green asparagus, chicken katsu. Curly pasta with a face made of ham, tomato and nori. Carrot blouse and bow and pea pearls.



I'm trying to get my mum to relax more and take over more of the chores from her but it's hard to get the message across.  So I thought why not say it with bento!!! 
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It's mostly ham, cheddar and fake crab sticks on a bed of blue rice with mashed avocado and cucumber on the face.  In the little box there's leftover ham and cheese, a tiny blueberry muffin, grapes, snoopy furikake and some mint thins. 
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