May 3rd, 2009

Much Ado

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Stuffs been a bit manic and stressful here atm, so lack of bentos! Heres one from pre-stress though, eaten on a nice long walk in the area around my home town:-

Choc chip cookies with cherry yogurt, frozen berries and apple slices in large section.
Haloumi cheese with fatoush salad
Apple slices

The fatoush salad was left over from dinner the night before. It was OK but a little to garlic-y for my taste. Also discoevered that the box I was using was NOT water tight, as I ended up with leaking of cherry yogurt into the salad, which didn't improve the taste!!

Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #46

Contents: roast beef, cheese, corn salad and white bread sandwich, two sugar-free hard candies and a green tea chocolate, apple chunks, carrot sticks and three cherry tomatoes.

I particularly like the vegetable (and unintentional) chromatic scale! 

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Bento # 543

Today, I was having fun with different sorts of pasta, and made a Kitty out of alphabet noodles on a layer of green spinach-ramen, decorated with mini farfalle (butterflies) and a little bit of the black pasta.

There are so many awesome sorts of pasta, I think it has rekindled my creativity :)

Bento # 543
Bento # 543
Chicken hotwings with leek ties, Strawberry/banana skewers. Various pasta with spices and garlic oil.