May 2nd, 2009

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The first is left over Chinese in my laptop lunch box; lemon chicken (one of my favourite dishes, which I nearly always have when ordering take away), Chinese stir fried mixed veg, egg fried rice with edamame, and then a goats cheese babybel and two cherry tomatoes for a snack.

This one is red leicester cheese, parma ham, homemade chutney and cucumber sandwich, strawberries (half price in Sainsburys at the moment), goldfish crackers and a rabbit with sugar in for dipping the strawberries in.


The second is smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with capers, strawberries, edamame and french beans with french dressing and two cherry tomatoes. Two side cars, one with raisins and brazil nuts for my morning snack, and one with smoked cuddy's cove cheese, triscuits and two cherry tomatoes for a snack in between work and the theatre tonight.

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vacation bento ?

This is a "vacation bento" I made for today, actually to keep me going at schoolwork :p
It sure made my lunch! Just ate it ^.^

Also, I deceided to try out a tool for making riceballs I ordered a while ago, and it worked very nice! ^.^

For contents, tool I used and close, follow the Collapse )