May 1st, 2009


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Kidlet requested this pokemon for his lunch. It's a Wobbuffet which apparently will stop mid battle and cry if it is hungry. He finds this very very amusing :D So cheese Wobbuffet is on top of a PB sandwich with checkered apple, cucumber, grapes, and strawbery

543: pasta

Messing around with different boxes. This Lock and Lock is so large it might be enough for Muffin's growing appetite. Pasta with olive oil and salt, with parmesian cheese shavings. Broccoli, ham rolls and orange slices. I'm not sure I got five colors in here.

Muffin was sick for a few days so this is the post-sick bento. Small box because she wasn't very hungry. Cous cous and plain chicken breast, peas, green beans and orange slices, with ketchup (for chicken) in the container. She didn't eat the oranges or ketchup. I put in a piece of candied ginger for her stomach but she didn't eat that either.


Rooster sausage bento from A to Z

Today’s bento uses sausages with a back story. A couple of weeks ago I had the rare opportunity to learn how to butcher roosters from an expert: Hank Shaw of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (nominated for a James Beard Award this year), and he made the sausage in this bento from those roosters.

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Chicken sausage (see Hank’s sausage recipe) and sauteed onions with balsamic vinegar, ketchup (Bug’s request), broiled asparagus, blueberries, and a wrapped cheese under the asparagus.

Morning prep time: 6 minutes, using leftover sausage and sauteed onions from dinner the night before, and leftover asparagus. Full details on the bento and my rooster excursion with Hank, Elise of Simply Recipes, and Garrett from Vanilla Garlic are here at Lunch in a Box.

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Apr. 28-30, '09

Doing them in a batch this time...just been having busy weeks! We'll start with yesterday's bento.

Apr. 30, '09

Sidecar: Roast Beef "Sub" w/tomato, onion, lettuce
Top Tier: Tangelo, YoGo's, Skittles on top of Cashews
Bottom Tier: Vinaigrette for Sub in bottle, Broccoli & Celery, Creamy Ranch dressing

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We've been doing only 3 a week at the moment; Mondays three of the four people who eat bentos are at home, so we just pull something together at lunch, or pick something up when we're out. Friday's seem to have become the "treat" day where we pick up fast food. Not healthy, but fast and easy. Yea, will have to change that. :P
Yum Yum!

Bento Week #1

I just started bento this week after some poor attempts in the past. I love taking pictures and showing what I've created! This is my first time posting

Yesterday's lunch: Heart bread with tuna salad, a pink hard boiled egg, and grapes and lettuce for filler

Today's lunch: Heart bread, crackers, tuna salad, a poorly dyed hard boiled chick, lettuce and chocolate and pecans for a snack!

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Bento #233 - May 1 bento

It's May 1st, which is a red day in most of Europe - so I brought out my picknick boxes and made a picknick bento for myself and the BF! We went out to look at flowering trees (finally!) and birds in the nature preserve and had a snack of those somewhere in between.

4 plain onigiri with nori stars, a strawberry bottle with soy sauce and a packet of umeboshi furikake in the top layer. Oranges, the first of our homegrown sugar snaps, hardboiled egg, homegrown cress, falafel, red bell pepper flowers and some chocolate easter eggs in the foreground.

I didn't even bother making the upper layer sealable - I just folded down the lower layer,put the onigiri layer on top, put saran wrap on it and tied it into a napkin for carrying :) I need an onigiri box!


My bentoblog:

Bento Box #45


Contents: white rice with homemade carrot and sesame seeds furikake, ginger pork, a cherry tomato and mixed salad.
Fruit/dessert: an apple and cereals granola bar.

The big highlight of this lunch is the carrot furikake (recipe from - guess what? - Just Bento), it's so good even my (really picky) bf liked it! Not to mention the ginger pork (recipe from Soy and Pepper), it was an hit at dinner!