April 29th, 2009

Desirae flowers

2nd Bento

I'm working through lunch today so that I can leave for an appointment, so I packed a little something to eat while I work. :)

Top tier: Scooby fruit snacks, Cheez-It crackers, tuna with a cheese star
Bottom tier: seedless green grapes & watermelon chunks
On the side: wheat bun for my tuna

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Bento #161

I rarely use this long box but it worked perfectly.

Cheese sandwiches with broccoli, tomato, strawberries, and cucumber

In order to not waste the ends of the bread that I didn't use, I made little french toast pieces out of it for breakfast. It actually ended up being a lot of french toast.. :S

Bento #1 - An ordinary Morning

Hello everyone,

this is my first Bento I ever made and also my first Bento-entry. ^^

I started making Bentos after getting inspired by Pikko's Adventures in Bentomaking. I adore her cute and tasty-looking Bentos. On her weblog, I found a link to J-List where I bought a bunch of stuff for Bentos. Now, I need to check some other stores for more Bentomaking stuff! ò_ó

Bento #1
"An ordinary Morning"

- Noodles with Tomato-pesto with Parmesan cheese
- Rice, Tomato-pesto in the small bear-bottle (for the rice), Banana, Salad
- Cucumber, Paprika, Mozarella

I ate it with a friend after an AnCafé concert in Cologne. :D We were so hungry afterwards and ate it in the train~ ^-^ I guess the next bentos will be for work though.

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full time job


This is my first post of a bento I made. It's for my 5 year old and contains apple slices, mini-pitas with ham, cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Bento lunch 1

I got some Hello Kitty bento boxes for my birthday and thought I'd join this community. Hope I'm doing this right!

Sushi rolls, fried ramen noodles, and green pepper and cheese omelet.


4/27 Bento #138

Left over pizza bento today. Ham, basil and tomato piza, carrot bundle,crackers and a cheese and smoked turkey skewer, grapes,oranges, apricots, almonds and chocolate covered raisins and an orange cream marshmallow for desert.


4/28 Bentos #139 & #140

My lunch for work today. Leftover chicken veggie sir-fry and rice. Kiwi, grapes and strawberry.
This was the perfect amount of food. I love this box!

CDC's Lunch- Pretty much the same but he also got a mini huckleberry muffin, oranges and some carrot stars

Bento Officially #1

Hello, everyone! This is my first post here. Your pictures are very inspiring! This is not quite my first bento though it's pretty close.

Lower Tier:
Tropical fish shape cut out of coocoo (a Caribbean cornmeal and okra dish), striped by cutting out sections and filling them with callaloo (thick spinach and coconut milk soup). It swims in a red bean sea with stewed chicken and a little steamed cabbage.
Top Tier:
Banana flower and apple wedge hummingbird on a bed of grapes.

Disclaimer: All actual cooking lovingly done by the Mama Bird. I just cut, carved, decorated and positioned. The box was a parting gift when I left JET.

Great to meet you all!

Who Wants to Be Blue?

I wanted to enter the Blue Bento Challenge; however, I couldn't get anything to turn blue without using food coloring. I ended up with purple rice  after I tried blueberries in one small sample and in another, purple cabbage vinegar, which I read turns Easter eggs light blue. So, I just went with a purple theme for today's bento. My little bird was supposed to be a blue bird, but I guess it could be a purple martin.

Contents: Peruvian (blue) potato salad, grapes, purple cabbage flecked rice wrapped in cabbage strips, chicken in plum sauce, blueberry rice bird, cheesecake yogurt baked in shredded fillo dough and topped with blueberries, edible pansy


Bento #3

Yesterday's dinner was a berry/walnut salad with leftover lemon chicken and Sour Patch Kids as a snack for later on. Salad consisted of romaine, walnuts, dried cranberries and feta cheese with raspberry vinagrette. Several classmates were jealous!!

Its weird that I am the only person in a class of 30 that goes from 530pm-10pm who brings a meal. Strange.


What we have here is fruit shaped rice, tuna mayo fish (that you can't really see) on a bed of lettuce with a babybel and some lindt easter eggs as gap fillers.  The fruits are grapes, strawberries, pineapples, bananas, orange slices and apples. 

I was really really bored this evening so I decided to have an experiment.  I have a weakness for buying fun shaped ice cube trays, far more than I could ever fit in the freezer so I was wondering if I could use them in bento in some way.   This experiment says yes!! 

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Bento # 541 & 542

Once again a day where I had an opportunity to make a bento for myself - and of course the regular one for my kid. She's right fond of those black pasta and they look interesting in a bento ^_^

Bento # 541
Bento # 541
Stir-fried vegetables in oyster sauce. Chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce. Peanut-prawn. Rice with umeboshi and tarako-furikake. More furikake in the penguin. Honey-drizzled blueberries and a strawberry.
Bento # 542
Bento # 542
Black pasta decorated with cheese stars. Chili ckicken bits, strawberry, tempura prawns and vegetarian mini spring rolls. Sweet chili sauce in the penguin.