April 28th, 2009


Bento # 538 & 539

Mine and my daughter's lunches.

Someone here mentioned the "pasta rice" for those who aren't fond of cold rice. And I finally found a place that sold them (they're greek btw - Kritharaki) So I decided to try them oug for Kid's lunch. They really do look like rice, albeit a little larger, and they're perfect for decoration. Now I just hope she likes them ^_^

Bento # 538
Bento # 538
Rice, topped with sea weed and a Kitty made of cheese and red pepper. Filet of fish, fried. Tamagoyaki with leek, strawberries. Soy in the lion.
Bento # 539
Bento # 539
"Pasta rice" decorated with a cucumber-and-yellow-pepper frog. Cooked leek, chicken katsu, carrot Kitties.

alternate carbs

I have a bento backlog! Taking photos is tricky because I always leave the camera upstairs and I'm always pressed for time. So, I've been making bento but not always shooting, or posting, them. And I think I'm giving up on my blog, it's too much trouble to post so many different places! Today I have a backlog of alternate carbs: 

541: ham sandwiches, and breakfast sausage patties in mini pita. Sliced orange, girl scout cookies, cheese bears and some lettuce for the sandwiches. Also a few stray green beans.

540: cous cous with a chicken leg, oranges, green beans and some roasted potatoes.

539: quesadillas and salsa (in a cup under the seaweed salad). Trail mix in the hippo, and carrots as filler.

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Bento Time!

Just a couple this time, not a deluge like my last back log. :)

Leftover homemade beef stroganoff, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, half an apple, a mini kosher dill, coctail onions, and a Boston Cream Pie Pudding snack.

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Whole Grain English Muffin, French onion cheese spread, grapes and 2 oranges.

Last Week...
Tomato based chicken & 2 bean pasta with whole grain noodles (not yet mixed), tomatoes, Bonbel cheese, mini pickles, and turkey pepperoni to fill holes, with Dulce de leches pudding, and Parmesan cheese in the monkey.

And 3 of practically the same breakfasts with minor twists! (How did I make more breakfasts than lunches?)
English muffin, Cutie tangerine segments, reduced fat cream cheese in the penguin. (This is the container I convinced my roommate to take to work with him so *he* could actually have breakfast in the morning, too! He refuses to use the penguin for some reason, though...)

I think this one looks like a monster. RAR! (I'm super bored right now.)
Black seedless grapes, 2 oranges wrapped in plastic "goggles", wielding creamy swiss cheese spread for it's English muffin mouth. He was delicious.

And Finally...
Same as the monster, except with Athenos Greek Style Hummus to spread on the English Muffin. Hummus makes any breakfast pastry seem exciting. Seriously. Om Nom Nom.

I apologize for the redundancy in breakfasts. I pack everything the night before, and those English Muffins are just awesome! I think this week I will venture into the world of Egg Muffin Sandwiches for breakfast! :D
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Leftover burger bento

A friend and I had lunch the other day at Alan Wong's Pineapple Room.  Not bad lunch, but its nothing compared to their high-end dinners.  It was tasty, nonetheless. 

I took home the leftovers of my burger and whipped up this bento for the next day's lunch:

(click for larger image)

Half of "The Pineapple Room" burger, mixed organic greens, sliced tomato, feta, salad dressing in the green chick.
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Bento Pictures?

Hi guys. I've been watching this group for awhile, and have my own collection of bento, however I'm here to ask a favor. I work for a small store in NC and we just got in a few sets of bento boxes (bento, bag, thermos, plasticware, and belt) to test out. However we want a little poster to go with it, explaining the concept, with some pictures to show just how much food you can pack in them.

Would any members of the board allow us to use a picture of your bento? We want to highlight how simple, and huge, a bento can be, since everyone here seems to notice how small the actual boxes are. I've pulled out my bento (if I havent eaten it yet!) and get a lot of "wow" type remarks when they see what I manage to get in there!

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I was touring the toy section yesterday on my way to buy a pan, and I couldn't resist this play dough set.  I've been wanting a square omelet pan, but I still haven't had any luck at the local stores, so I used a square griddle. It took a while to get the eggs to cook evenly (I guess I could have baked it, but I don't like heating the oven for one thing when it's warm outside). I folded the huge, thin omelet in half twice, then poked it with the top of a chop stick to make it look spongy. I also tucked bread and condiments under the omelet so my husband can make an egg sandwich.

Brand New Here...Bento #1

I am a bento virgin and since this community seems to be teeming with creative juices, I thought I'd start here. So, here is my very first bento. Nothing exotic - it's for DH and big burly men don't do exotic. :)

Top Tier: Mini Corn Dog Muffins w/side container of mustard, Steamed Broccoli and Baby Carrots.
Bottom Tier:  Mac n' Cheese w/nori star garnish, Checkered  Apple Wedges and some grapes for filler.

How did I do?
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does anyone have this microwavable steamer? i'm pretty sure i saw somewhere once that it could be used for cooking rice also. if you have one, do you? if so, does it still work for sticky rice? if not, do you know of any other reasonably priced, yet cute, microwaveable rice cookers? i JUST heard that you could do this and i'm incredibly intrigued!
Maneki Neko Bento

Bento # 540

Partially cheating, the spring rolls and the chicken was from a chinese takeaway. I made the noodles myself though :)

Bento # 540
Bento # 540
Strawberries, fried noodles with beef and veggies. Mini spring rolls. Deep fried, battered chicken. Everything decorated with carrot- and cheese stars. Soy in the lion.


Bento #2

A simple bread bento for recess at school tomorrow. :) 2 slices of bread, cheese, kaya, raspberry jam and chicken floss.

P.S. I'm still very new at bento-making m(_ _)m

Bento Box #44

My lunch for tomorrow is entirely _sheepies_ fault, she made me having tuna patties! XD Just kidding, tuna was almost the only bento staple I had in my pantry, so tuna burgers ahoy!

Contents: sliced kiwi, Shiitake mushrooms, a single cherry tomato, a Babybel cheese and tuna miso mini burgers on a lettuce bed.