April 27th, 2009

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During my recent trip to Japan I bought this three tier bento box and some black chopsticks to match.  I'm used to the blunt-ended Chinese chopsticks so these light pointed ones with textured ends (for better grip) are interesting to try.

The healthy bento lunch (for the unhealthy office life-style!) is:
Tier 1 (left) - cucumber, celery, carrot, red-edged lettuce and radish
Tier 2 (right) - baby plum tomatoes, olives with small red picks, vine-leaves stuffed with rice and pine nuts
Tier 3 (middle) - cashew nuts, two small pieces of baklava (weekend party leftovers!), grapes and tangerine. 

This selection is a bit light on carbohydrate for me so I can see that I might be resorting to a biscuit or two before lunchtime arrives! 

This is the first time that I've used this new box so I'm hoping that the band is strong enough to keep three tiers firmly in place.  As a precaution, only dry goods are included. 
Desirae flowers

Bento #1

My first bento post! Nothin' special, but I'm just impressed that I actually took the time to throw something together this morning. I'm usually running around like crazy trying to get ready for work, but I got up a little earlier than usual. I come home for lunch every day, but I need some snacks to get me through the rest of the day. So here we go:

Top Tier: morning snack: strawberry/banana skewer, green seedless grapes, & watermelon cubes

Bottom Tier: afternoon snack: chocolatey chip Teddy Grahams, Colby Jack cheese cubes, Wheat Thins


I've got some egg molds (car, fish, star, & heart) and animal food picks coming in this week from Ichiban Kan. Can't wait to put those to use!
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First bento

I know it's not much but i had to speed it along since i just 10 minutes to do it. It contains spaghetti (no meat in it), bread and tangerine.
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Bento #159

Brown rice with anchovies chopped up on top with cucumbers, hummus, strawberry, more cucumber, and carrots

I think the giraffe is frowning at the lameness of this bento.. :P

Debating on whether that rice combo will be good or not.

4/20 - 4/24 Bentos #134 - #137

Finally sitting down to catch on my bento posting. Between Little League, taxes and Little One having bronchitis for 9 weeks I've really slacked off of the bento thing. I'm missing it though, so I'm trying to get caught up and back on top of it.

4/22 #134 for me

Chicken veggie dumplings and spring rolls. I tried to make yaki onigiri but I was using basmati rice and it fell apart (I knew it would happen but I was craving yaki onigiri). steamed green beans, grapes, carrots,snap peas, almonds, apricots and chocolate covered raisins.

4/23 #135 for CDC

Another "Make your own mini pizza" bento. I'm so glad that CDC loves this bento. It really is my fall back when I'm not prepped and in a hurry. The usual ham & chesese flowers, crackers, olives and pzza sauce. Grapes and candied almonds a friend made,mmm so good.
4/23 #136 For Little one"s preschool snack

Kind of a breakfast bento. Huckleberry waffles, blackberry yogurt, grapes, dried apricots and almonds.

4/24 #137 for CDC

Beef raviolis in tomato sauce, crackers, mozz. cheese stick, apple wedges, carrots, snap peas and candied almonds.
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Half day bento :)

Hello all. My bento for a half day of school today:

Left: (frozen) raspberries, iceberg lettuce, radish "flower"
Right: Spaghetti with red pesto and a bit of sprinkled mozzarella.

When I ate the berries as a snack I was delighted with the nice coldness of it in the spring sun, even a bit frozen inside was super! <3
I have to do this more often :)

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