April 26th, 2009


Rookie's Rooster

I made this bento for my husband. I'm also giving him a breakfast tier, but I haven't made it yet. I post calories to help me keep track of the parts I eat.

Rooster: open faced roasted red pepper hummus sandwich* with red bell pepper, olive, & carrot head; carrot, bean sprout, yellow squash, & almond feathers; eggplant tail feathers; mushroom claws. *The bread is "very thin" whole wheat, and there is another, closed, sandwich underneath. (298 calories in two.)

Background: Wild blueberries, 1/2 tangerine, baby spinach. (64 calories)

Roof: Woven wheat crackers filled with lowfat cream cheese. (180 calories)


Bento # 356 & 537

Bento # 536 was rather blah. I tried to spruce it up with a cheese bear, but.. I'm not really satisfied with it.

# 537 on the other hand came out just as I'd hoped. I love when that happens - all too seldom *L*

I got another of Chibibu's books from J-list on Friday and have been itching to try out some of her awesome ideas. The blackbird was lifted from that ^_^
Of course, the fact that I found the black pasta (coloured with squid ink!) made it rather obvious to do a blackbird in any case, but using half of the Kitty made it so much easier to define the shape - and THAT idea was one I would never have got on my own!

Bento # 537
Bento # 537
Fish sticks, broccoli, strawberries and black pasta with pesto, decorated with yellow and orange bell pepper.

Bento # 536
Bento # 536
Meatball-fish, weird, spripey tomato on top of some crackers. Ritter Sport chocolate. Pasta with carrots and broccoli, in cheese sauce. Decorated with a cheese bear.

aladdin - pretty jasmine

Bento #4 and #5


BBQ turkey sausage in the cup, carrot kinpura and some kind of spicy carrot/pepper mix my housemate had in the fridge, and onigiri topped with toasted sesame seeds, and a couple of black grapes. My kinpura ended up not looking like anything in the pictures (with no blackened tips), and ended up being really saucy and kind of bland. I didn't cook it long enough? The pan wasn't hot enough? I don't know. The sauce leaked out of my bag and ended up making a gross mess, especially with the little bit I had left on the way home. Otherwise pretty tasty.

Oh, and those are Back to Nature organic chocolate sandwich cookies in the lid, YUM! They are seriously the best cookies I've ever had in my life. Only the mint version is better.


Lo mein and green bean chicken, leftovers from Panda Express, with mango and black grapes in the cup. This is probably my first properly stuffed bento, I was pretty amazed at how much food I managed to cram in there.

Bento Box #43: noodles!

Barely no time to bite into a more complex lunch tomorrow so I decided to go simple but yummy and complete too!

Contents: noodles with veggies (carrot and zucchini strips) and chicken stir fry. Sesame seeds for garnish.
Fruit/dessert: an apple and wild berries granola bar.

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