April 24th, 2009

Greek Bento

Top Tier: Jasmine rice with gyro meat, hummus in the plastic container
Bottom Tier: Falafel, strawberries, carrot chunks
In the Lid: chocolate square
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Playing Hooky

This was one of my favourite lunches of the past week. I decided to call in "sick" to my job and hang out with a cousin who had a long stopover. We went to El Yunque and it was divine (as my lunch)!

You are seeing: tempeh/rice burgers, blanched spinach, marinated asparagus and a tomato (from my garden!). Next we have: enoki mushrooms, carrot kinpira, home-made pickled daikon (takuan) and more spinach; the ubiquitous rice and lastly, grapes and 2 almond-quinoa mini muffins.

It was a lot of food.

For more info, please click on photo.

Happy weekend!