April 23rd, 2009


My first Bento!

Hey there! I've been lurking for about a week, and finally got together something resembling a bento for my 9 year old. Its in a segmented Ziplock container (it wants to be a bento box!!). The contents wouldn't fit in my smaller Bento and I plan on using my larger one later today... and the kid doesn't care, LOL!

It contains (clockwise from top-left) yogurt, PB&J Dinosaurs, a chocolate bunny from Easter, grape and strawberry skewers. Not a terrible lunch, eh? :)

Here's a pic of my newly acquired box and accessories. :) They were a swap through swap-bot.com

Hello Kitty box, pink chopsticks, tiny cutters, skewers and silicone cups. Look for these items in future bentos! :D

My Bento Breakfast

I use bentos to manage serving sizes as well as add portability when needed.

I was (light stress on "was") interested in the pancakes with veg like those I have seen on some blogs.

This was my attempt - some cabbage, some carrots and some Belgian Waffle mix along side some clementine segments.

It was ok - and I will probably try it again  but I think I will re read the info first!

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Southern-Style Bento

These are leftovers from Cracker Barrel, which holds a very special tiny space in my heart.

Bottom Tier: Roast beef, pinto beans, and a biscuit
Top Tier: Fried apples, strawberries

Totally not nutritious, but soooooooooo good.
rhysa & her dragon

Apr. 23, '09

Kind of a mix and match what we have left kind of bento. Seriously not sure what I'm going to do for tomorrow. :(

Apr. 23, '09

Sidecar: Chicken Corn Fritter (recipe found here), Blueberry Bread Pudding (recipe found here), and Mini Butterfinger
Bottom Tier: half an Apple, sliced; Yogos in cup
Top Tier: Celery and Carrot Sticks, Creamy Cucumber Dressing; Cream Cheese & Chive Crackers, Cashews (the 'C' tier! lol)

This bento actually pointed out to me how important it is for me to make sure one of the tiers is all veggies and fruit and that the main dish is pretty hearty. As good as it was, I'm still hungry. :( Three corn fritters (if I'd had enough for that many) and more fruits and veggies here would have helped a lot.

Bento #2

Dinner during my night class: caesar salad with lemon chicken, cuke stars, cherry tomatoes, grape and strawberry skewers, small box has dressing inside. I'm looking forward to eating this, LOL!