April 22nd, 2009


4/21 Bentos #131 - #133

Back into the bento groove, yea! Here is yesterday's bentos.  It's nice to be back to it, but CDC is home sick today so no bentos again today :(

#131 for CDC's lunch. Spaghetti and meatballs. Grape skewer, crackers and a mozz. cheese stick, carrot bundle and cinnamon apples.
I have cut down on the volume of food I've been sending and it seems to be working. CDC has been coming home with empty lunch boxes, yea!

#132 - my lunch for work. Spaghetti and meatballs with the usual suspects on the side.

#133 foor Little One- grapes, cinnamon gram bunnies, sliced mozz. cheese sick, and carrot sticks.

Bento # 534

Is nobody posting here anymore? ;)

Well, I am, once again. And again this is one for me! Yum! I can't wait for lunch time (which will be dinner time really due to my work hours...)
The "farced tofu" - don't ask. I don't even know if it's supposed to be prepared like this. I bought it frozen, in little balls, in an asian store. I think it's with some sort of fish filling (from what I can gather) - but the pack said nothing about how to prepare it.. and it looked a little like it had already been deep fried.. so I just fried it some more in a little oil to make sure it was thawed and heated through.
Time will tell how it is *L* I love trying out new kinds of food. Sometimes it's a "ok - that was ... odd" - and sometimes you're surprised at things you never thought you'd like, such as natto (YUM!) but which turned out way better than expected ^_^

Bento # 534
Bento # 534
Stir-fried carrot strips, broccoli and romanesco with oyster sauce. farced tofu, spicy pollack, blueberries. Rice decorated with nori, cheese, cucumber and red bell pepper.

Egg Face Bento

Is seems like my refrigerator is a bottomless pit of leftovers that need to be eaten quickly.  There is so much leftovers in there that in a few days I'll probably be tossing some food that have turned into Biology experiment look-alikes.

Here is my lunch today:

(click for larger image)
Leftover rice pilaf with bell pepper flowers, chick'n nuggets in lettuce leaf, halved leftover Easter eggs with nori faces, yellow and orange bell pepper flowers and a large strawberry for dessert.



Apr. 21 & 22, '09


Apr. 21, '09

Sidecar: Mini Wheat Bagel Sandwich w/Honey Ham, Lettuce, Swiss, Onion, & Tomato; Mini Baby Ruth
Top Tier: Cucumber Sticks, Strawberries
Bottom Tier: Creamy Ranch Dressing, 2 Fig Newtons; 2 Cream Cheese & Chives Crackers

And today's:

Apr. 22, '09

Top Tier: Florentine Quiche (Store bought, Jenny's or something like that)
Bottom Tier: Tangerine, Broccoli & Cauliflower Florets, Creamy Cucumber Dressing, Skittles mixed w/YoGos (I think: Yogurt snacks)

This second bento (today's) was just, wow, good. I wasn't too sure about the yogurt snacks, but I liked them.
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Boring Sandwich Bento

I dread when my husband asks for a sandwich for lunch because its so hard to make a sandwich look cute unless you cut it into shapes but he doesn't really go for that much.  Anybody have some ways to spice up a sandwich bento?

Top: pb&j sandwich with jelly fish on top, goldfish crackers
Bottom: blueberry yogurt, fig cookies, laughing cow cheese, broccoli with ranch, mini Reeses Pieces


Mango Chicken Salad, Asian Sesame Salad, and Orange Chicken Bentos

Back log from April 2nd:
So I’ve been fortunate enough to be eating out a lot recently and have been bringing home my leftovers for my boyfriend because of America’s ridiculous problem with portion control.

Mango Chicken Salad



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Asian Sesame Salad

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Orange Chicken

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More information can be found at my blog: http://discojing.com/?p=1489

Honey Chipotle Chicken Bento

My boyfriend said I could make his bento as cute as I wanted since no one would be at the office (Friday, 4/3/09)!
Honey chipotle chicken is left over from Thursday dinner I had with my family at Ruby Tuesday. Purple silicone triangle is filled with Jell-o Cook ‘N Serve Sugar Free Fat Free Chocolate pudding, and I made a little rectangle of rice.
You can’t see it that well in the picture, but the chicken is on a layer of baby spinach and the rice has little plastic ‘dividers’ so the chicken wouldn’t wreck it. I think the dividers had little Nemo-like fish on them.
It felt so good to ‘evil-y’ make a cute bento!

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Bento # 535

Oh Bento mio!

An example of what happens when you take out the ham cutters without having any fixed idea of WHAT to make. So it turned into an opera singer. Or perhaps it's all the talk about Susan Boyle that has triggered something subconscious?

Bento # 535
Bento # 535
Skewered mini meatballs. Star crackers. Fried Tofu with minced fish. Potato salad decoratd with ham, red- and orange bell pepper, peas and a little bit of nori.

Kitty Cat

Panda Escapades

Okay, not marvously done well... But hey, it's got a cute panda on it! ^__^;;

From top to bottom:
a bed of sauteed cabbage underneathe, skewered edammame, fried sweet potato, baked "fried chicken" thigh, straw mushrooms, a bed of corn with a panda bear made of rice, nori & mozzarella