April 21st, 2009


4/7 - 4/18 Spring Break Bentos

It was spring break week here, so I only have a few bentos from the last 10 days.

#128 CDC's lunch- mac & cheese in the thermos, crackers with ham & cheese rolls. Apple slices and a couple of treats.

#129 - Another mac and cheese bento for Little One's lunch. Carrot sticks, strawberry-banana skewer, almonds,
dried apricots and a mango jelly

#130 for me- Burrito bento. All the fixings for a big burrito ( way too much food for me), but it was so good.
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Bento #94 - Comfort Food

Today's bento is really nothing spectacular, but it it something I love and find very comforting; ketchup and noodles.  Most people hear that and immediately go "eww", but trust me, it is the nummiest thing.  The ketchup caramelizes and gives the noodles a little crispy texture on the outside and the tanginess mixes so well with the pasta and ground beef.  I've gotten my son hooked on it now too.  Anyway, it doesn't make for a very attractive bento, but I tried.  Here it is:


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1 - Ketchup & Noodles with Ground Beef
2 - Green Peas
3 - Side container of Strawberries and Yogurt

WW Flex Points = 6

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Snack-ish bento for class this afternoon.
Excuses for the slightly blue photo, I had to hurry before my cats sneaked into the photo :')

Left: Carrots, bits of cracker and mini-sausage to spread on them, little cheeze.
Right: Red grapes and a bunny pick, frozen raspberries. <3

Hopefully I have some time to eat it in the spring sun ^.^

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Lately, I've been too lazy and hot to take the time to make a really good bento. So, there will be a lot of simple bentos for me!

On the top tier I have kung pao chicken with veggies. I tried to make a lettuce cup but you can't really see the lettuce. the bottom tier just has steamed rice with hello kitty nori cutouts.

Bento # 532 & 533

For the first time in quite a while I made a bento for myself. And it was good!
I'd read somewhere that blue should act as an appetite suppressant - it didn't work *L* I was as hungry as ever and blue rice are fine!

Bento # 532
Bento # 532
Rice, coloured blue with food colouring, cheese "waves". Lettuce and a cucumber frog. Edamame with garlic-pepper. Sautéed mixed mushrooms, quail egg "chicken". Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce.
Bento # 533
Bento # 533
Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. Checkerboard apple. Alphabet noodles tossed with garlic oil. Quail egg Clefairys with cucumber notes and cheese stars and -moon.