April 20th, 2009

Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #40

Gloomy weather is gloomy, but I'm really surprised how good the piccie came out for my camera's standard! Also, going more and more vegetarian without any particular reason. :-D

Contents: mini frittata ss_biggie  style with grated Parmesan cheese and cauliflower florets on a bed of mixed salad, apple chunks, a Babybel and soy sauce and oil dressing for the salad in the HK container.
Not pictured: wholemeal crackers to go with the frittata and cheese.

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bento #78

bento #78, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Pinwheel sandwiches: Armenian flatbread, turkey, cheddar-jalapeño pub cheese, organic microgreens.

Hardboiled egg, celery sticks with bleu cheese, Snapea crisps, and chipotle-chocolate hazelnuts. I know, I thought it sounded weird too, but it TOTALLY works.

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Bento #155

Every other Monday means class and then to work for 11 hours. That means I have to pack two meals plus a couple snacks. I have a salad for dinner but this is my lunch and a snack:

Broccoli, carrot stick, cauliflower, soy nuggets, pasta
Hippo cup (snack for later) : Nuts and raisins mix
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bentolunch @ 20 April

Cover: sunflower kernels on cover, seaweed snack on cover dish
Top: sandwiches, the ones at the ends are ham-cheese sandwiches, the middle one's raspberry jam with cream cheese
Bottom: grape halves and Loacker Lemon wafer squares

bentolunch @ 20 April, Eug

Left: ham-cheese sandwiches on wholemeal bread, sunflower kernels in the penguin cup
Right: chinese pear, grape halves, bananas

The 2nd lunch is frayedgray's, hello!

Bento # 531

Still playing with my new "toys" from eBay. I LOVE to get new cutters and stuff ^_^

Bento # 531
Bento # 531
Taquitos with chicken/chili filling, feta on skewers. Ham rose. Potato salad decorated with ham, orange-and yellow bell pepper, cucumber and nori.


Gyoza and stuff

My camera died so Ihaven't been taking photos of my bento recently but I borrowed one so here is tomorrow's lunch.  It didn't photograph as well as it looks, I guess there's a bit much going on. 

Anyway, what we have here: gyoza, shrimp things and shu mai with brocolli, edamame and shrimp in thai dressing.  There are itty bitty chocolate eggs dotted around with a bear bottle of soy and some chilli oil there too and finally there are carrot flowers for decoration. 

I got myself a microwave steamer today, which really sped everything up so much.  Technically it's for rice and pasta but it does the job admirably and saved me a good ten minutes and a whole lot of washing up!!!
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:3 my lunch for tomorrow!


Top tier: spinach salad with sunflower seeds, cheese for the salad in a silicone cup, fat free ranch dressing in a mayo cup

Bottom tier: couscous with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, green onions and garlic