April 18th, 2009


Bento #153 - Mini Bento

Preparing bento boxes can be a rather busy hobby. Of course I'm always going to have to prepare meals for myself each day, but it seems to always take up more time. I worry about appearance much more, and then have to figure out how to take a clear picture with not the greatest camera. THEN I always want to post it right away to share my accomplishment. It's unfortunate that I haven't had the time to get into it lately. But summer is approaching and HOPEFULLY my school workload will be less.

Lunch and snack for today consisted of:
-Vegetarian Chili
-Sour cream and cheese for the chili, and then a little laughing cow triangle for whatever
-Snack for later in the day in hippo container: almonds

That hippo container makes me just plain happy.

Bento Box #40

Another demi-lunch at work and a second time for the "Fruit Basket" box! Also, to me pink = win

Contents: spelt and cannellini beans cold salad with some carrot flowers for garnish, oil and salt for the salad in the HK container, a Babybel and apple chunks in the HK cup.

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:D First Post Plz

:3 I’ve been making Bentos for lunch for a about 2 months, but this is the first one I’ve taken a photo of.

Top tier:  Cheese and Culantro Quesadilla with sriracha

Bottom Tier: Clementine segments, mango-poppy seed dressing, and sugar snap peas.


:/ Not very exciting, but I wanted to post something. :D Since I’ve been lurking around this community for a while…

Albert Camus

Bento 44

I ate my bento on my little porch today since the weather is warming up. It's going to get ridiculously hot soon, so I thought I would enjoy the pleasant weather while I could.


Todays bento consisted of leftover rice and beans, naan, strawberries, and jarred peaches.

It was my first bento \o/ !

It was moonday, I had to visit a place so I decided to make my own lunch =D ! (sorry for my bad english =/).

-Rice with Nori seaweed ans sesame seed.
- Carrot, Octopuss Sausage (<3) and Cha Lua.
- Blood Orange and Date

Have a nice day =D !
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