April 17th, 2009

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Three Bento

First up is left over fish pie with a salad, some grapes and a mini crunchie, vinaigrette for the salad and a tiny bit of mushroom pasta salad. This kept me filled up throughout the day.

Next we have couscous salad with courgettes, red pepper and feta, the blue container has vinaigrette, and the green chick has hummus. In the top layer is three falafel, a mini cadbury's caramel bar, grapes and cherry tomatoes.

This one was yesterday's bento, ham, cheese and orzo casserole with salad, a blue container of vinaigrette, goldfish crackers, a goats cheese babybel and two chocolate and orange mini rolls.


Custom Molds for under 25$? :D!!

In case this hasn't been posted to the community, I found a wonderful way to make custom molds.

I had been looking into creating my own custom silicone cups because the local stores near me don't have the regular cupcake silicones like they used to. I'm accustomed to casting, so I thought perhaps there might be some information I could use to make my own.
Luckily, I stumbled onto something a little more fun- a way to create unique onigiri molds!

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Guess who has a new camera!!

Box by Paisley Pirate

Sticky rice in the smaller layer

Corned beef hash with some spinach, clementine sections, tamagoyaki

LOL think this is my first traditionally set up bento! 

damn - lost count though and there are two lame versions in the proverbial backlog

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I got a job at a deep-dish pizza restaurant in my town. The pizza is phenomenal. Expect bentos with yummy deep-dish goodness sometime.

I devoured this bento only a few minutes ago.

La gauche: Pretzels and strawberries
La droite: Leftover beans and rice from Gorilla BBQ, buttered pasta

This is a bento from a week or two ago.

Top: Brie and cranberry sandwiches
Bottom: Corn chips, Luna Bar, apples

Question: Do you prefer to make minimalist bentos or super fancy bentos? Why?