April 16th, 2009

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Antipasto Bento

A bento made with leftovers from a huge Easter antipasto.  For more details and a bit on Italian-American culture and foodways, please see my blog Boston Bento.

spinach and pepperoni
stuffed mushroom
roasted red peppers
salami, marinated artichoke, and fresh mozzarella skewers

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Overnight bentos?

Been watching for a while and I've picked up some good tips (and I love seeing what people are doing!), but I've got a question I was hoping some of ya'll would have suggestions for.

Not being a morning person, I'm not really functional early in the morning, so I don't get up any earlier than I have to. Which means, I much prefer to make my bentos the night before, when I'm awake enough to do it properly. But I'm having trouble finding recipes that can be done the night before and still be good the next day. Well, at least of things I like and can eat. I'm allergic to soy, though I can use a little while cooking, and I'm not supposed to eat wheat (it makes my allergies worse, but won't make me really sick, so I can cheat on that one sometimes). So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for things that I can use that can be made ahead of time but won't end up soggy or tough or not tasting good the next day. I do have a fridge and microwave at work, but I'm getting tired of either salad bentos or reheated leftovers.
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Apr. 16, '09

Yes, it's been almost 2 weeks! Last week the kids were out of school, and making that many bentos when the kids are happy with soup and sandwiches and leftovers, is just a bit much. Early this week, we're all trying to get back into the swing of things since oldest and baby came back from vacation.


But hopefully we'll be back into the bento thing for awhile now. ;)

On the to food!

Apr. 16, '09

Bottom Tier: Creamy cucumber Dressing, Cauliflower, Broccoli
Top Tier: Mini Blueberry Bread Pudding (recipe here), Strawberries
Sidecar (back): Mini Cheese Quiche (recipe here) & Coffee Cake muffin (from a box)

A bit bread heavy, but it kinda served as brunch/lunch, so it worked. lol

And I do need to start experimenting with other food again—my freezer of easy to drop in the box foods is just about empty (and I'm sure I'm broing you all with the same old, same old all the time :P). Course, we're also still waiting for said freezer to die. :(

The Sad, Un-eaten Bento

Roast beef sandwiches are delicious.  I made mine with horseradish cream, Japanese mayonaise, sliced red onions, and whole wheat bread.  Man, oh man, was I craving this sandwich.

The day I brought this sandwich for lunch, the husband phoned me and said he was coming to visit and was bringing me pizza.

Pizza? Over roast beef sandwich???

I was so sad that my roast beef sandwich was going to go un-eaten.  But thus, my husband comes before all meat products.

(click for larger image)
Roast beef sandwich cut in half. Bottom: clementine and macaroni salad.

Check out my BLOG  for more foodies.
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bentolunch @ 16 April (2)

Cover: (hidden) strawberry pocky
Top: fried rice with extra carrots, I'd have made them say DORA instead of EUD, had there been more space if the carrots were cut thinner (the name's Eudora, hahaha. :-) )
Bottom: chinese pear with a peach fruit pick because there weren't any pear ones. hmph >:-)
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waiting bento

A possible long day at school tomorrow with looots of waiting so a bento to keep myself a bit busy too :) 

Top left: Little cream and onion crackers, some field salad, carrots and a little cheeze (babybell wannabee with a character on it)
Lower left: Lettuce and a bunny egg to be added in the morning. Green and red grapes and some picks
Right: Mixed lettuce kinds, radish slices, carrothearts, low fat mayonaise in the bottle and some leftover bits of chicken.

Looking forward to eating it! ^.^

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Bento # 530

After yesterday's rather bland bento I felt like doing something extra. And since I'm still on holiday, I have the time to spend on it, too.

So here's a Totoro-family ^_^

Bento # 530
Bento # 530
Big Totoro-onigiri made of rice mixed with crushed black sesame. Filled with tuna and mayo and decorated with egg and nori. Tomato-umbrella on to of steamed green peas. Meatball-ground with bell pepper flowers and leek-grass. Tiny Totoros of quail eggs. Tomato flower.