April 15th, 2009

Wednesday's Bento

Today's bento is dipping back into my freezer stash, which needs to be done more frequently. I always intend to, there are just usually so many dinner leftovers to be used that I forget about it. This bento comes to 4 Weight Watcher's points.

This bento contains:
1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese (1 point)
3 frozen falafel patties (2 points)
lettuce (0 points)
red bell pepper (0 points)
cucumber (0 points)
2 tbsp. chickpeas (.5 points)

not pictured:

1 tbsp. Newman's Own Lite Sesame Ginger Dressing (.5 points)

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So this isn't a bento, but I tried out making tamagoyaki tonight for dinner and wanted to share. I got the pan from amazon.com, and it worked awesomely! I just made a basic cheese ommlette, but using the tamagoyaki pan made these the best ommlettes I've made. Normally they fall apart and look pretty bad. But since my first try worked pretty darn well, these will definitely be made for future bento! Just a lot smaller. (I used 6 eggs for my boyfriend and I to have for dinner. While I divided it fairly equal, he finished mine for me. LOL)

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Sleepy egg bento

My last bento turned out ugly, and I couldn't post it! I was glad this one was better.

This bento had amazing packing speed: the corn, noodles, and hummus were all from the freezer. (I freeze things in bento-sized portions, it saves a lot of time.) I only had to cook the egg and the green beans, and add tomatoes and bread sticks.

Bento # 529

Not really pretty this time. I had some ideas that were partially thwarted by the fact that we had rice for dinner, so I had fresh, leftover rice for the bento. Ergo I had to improvise. I made a Bleach Nel because my daughter is cosplaying her at every occasion ^_^ - it looks crappy but I hope she'll appreciate it anyway.

Bento # 529
Bento # 529
Rice with tarako-furikake, qual eggs in "egg sheet" flowers. Fried leek with orange bell pepper flowers. Chicken Katsu covered with a "Bleach - Neliel made of cucumber, with letters of orange bell pepper.