April 14th, 2009

me kimono

today's lunch (more onigiri with faces)

bento lunches for myself and two friends.

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Contents: two onigiri with varying facial expressions, mini yakitori skewers on a bed of fresh chopped greens, carrot sticks, grape skewers, one strawberry skewer, oatmeal cookies, neapolitan eggs left over from Easter, and one grape tomato to add color.
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531: rollups

The rice cooker let me down this morning -- somehow the clock got reset so the timer didn't start my rice in time. Instead, we have emergency last-minute rollups! I had some snap peas already blanched from yesterday, and one lone carrot in the fridge (have not restocked from vacation yet). Egg and grapes also. Mustard in the penguin.

The bento I packed in a rush yesterday was so butt ugly that I didn't even take a picture lest I was tempted to post it. The one I packed for myself today is really pedestrian so I'll hide it behind the cut.

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Finally Back!

I have been pretty sick with a UC flare-up and haven't been making lunches.  I was so proud of my husband though because he continued to pack bento for himself!  I tried to get him to take pictures, but he said he felt dumb doing that, oh well.

Left:  Egg salad sandwich(with left over easter eggs) broccoli
Right:  Creamy lemon and raspberry pie w/whip cream, goldfish crackers,
             ranch(in blue container) two Lindor Truffles

Miss Octopus

Today I have a little octopus lady swimming around in my bento. She's made out of bologna, cheese, and nori and she swims around on a white sandbar made out of rice. Next to her I have some beef cutlet, sliced into strips for easy eating.

Up top I have my fresh fruits and veggies tucked away in some red leaf lettuce. From left to right: three grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber kim chee, baby carrot sticks, three little strawberries fresh from Kula, Maui, and three slices of mandarin orange. In the little sauce bottle is some Ikari tonkatsu sauce, the perfect complement for all cutlet/katsu types!

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boyfriend lunch

Hello all.
No bento for me today since I am at home but I made a snack bento for my boyfriend since he has some classes this afternoon :) 

Top:  Wasabinuts, some radish and green/red grapes and some picks for handy eating
Lower: Little tomatos, some iceberglettuce mixed with some homegrown mixed lettuce, carrot stars, bottle of "thousand islands" dressing and some bits of bacon mixed in it :) 

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Fish & Salad Bento

I'm making the best of dinner this week and made an extra fish filet last night for today's bento. Ah, the beauty of planning ahead. :) Today's bento comes to 4 Weight Watcher's points.

This bento contains:
1 fish filet (2.5 points)
1/2 tbsp Tartar Sauce (in the blue strawberry) (.5 points)
lettuce (0 points)
red bell pepper (0 points)
cherry tomatoes (0 points)
cucumber (0 points)
2 tbsp. chickpeas (.5 points)

not pictured:

1 tbsp. Newman's Own Lite Sesame Ginger Dressing (.5 points)

my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com
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Oh Goodness. Lots to post.

I'm a repeat backlogger, sorry...

But, At least I only post one up front, right? :)

Today's Lunch consisted of assorted cheese and lunch meat skewers, grape tomatoes, half a Bartlett pear, Creamy Italian dressing, and black seedless grapes for filler. Sugar Free Boston Cream Pie pudding on the side. Phase 2

I'm indulging in fruit right now because I'm back on Phase 2 of the South Beach diet after a second 2 week set of Phase 1 (for the benefit of my roommate).

Also! I made breakfast today!
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Lunch Box 643: You can get anything you want at Dot's Diner

Sometimes I have a theme to my lunches. It may be an image, it may be a color or a type of food. Today it's a shape. Seems everything I have today is round, so it looks like Little Dot packed my lunch. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that character.)

Anyway, here I have a mini-hamburger, or perhaps a very large nanoburger. Then there's a big helping of steamed carrots & squash - zucchini and crookneck - with butter. A single broccoli stem star snuck in, so I guess that clears Dot. Lastly, there's dry-roasted edamame and sakura mochi (onigiri type).

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Bento # 528

I'm still leaning heavily on Chibibu's book for ideas. That, and my newest cutters. Unfortunately, the cheese melted a bit lot out of shape so the little happy face on the hamburger beef turned into something more like a zombie. Next time I'll wait with the cheese until the beef is thoroughly cooked and at least partially cooled. Problem is, my kid doesn't like cheese - other than when it's melted...

Oh and this is also for showing off my new Pokemon bento ^_^

Bento # 528
Bento # 528
Wrap with chicken/curry salad, lettuce and tomatoes. Hamburger with melted cheese and orange pepper on top. Quail Egg-piggie and skewered feta cheese.


Bento Box #39: the working demi-lunch

Oh my goodness, here we go again! I've got my old, beloved work again, I'm so happy! <3 And so let it be the bento, another good part of it.

Contents: (chickpea) homemade hummus with toasted sesame seeds mixed in, corn salad for garnish and for a splash of green, steamed cauliflower and raw carrot sticks. On the side (not pictured), wholemeal crackers to finish off the hummus.

First time with hummus, got some good inspiration from _sheepies_ lunches, me thinks it'll be an hit!

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