April 13th, 2009

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back from bad eating bento - lol

I've been eating SO bad at my new job so finally getting into the swing of things again >_<

breakfast bowl - spicy udon w/ egg nori kimchi green onion leek kamaboko carrots kelp

lunch bento - curry hot pepper chicken, musubi on layered black rice and sushi rice, spring roll, broccolli, daikon flower

have a great day everyone, hope you had a wonderful easter!
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Monday's Bento

I have been enjoying my top layer of veggies and cottage cheese, but I'm probably going to need to change it up soon just for the sake of visual and culinary interest. :) It's easy to get into patterns, and one of the nice things about posting on a blog is you notice these patterns and want to stay away from them for fear of everything looking alike. I have a few variations planned for this week, but otherwise it's going to be a pretty similar layout. I promise something new for next week. ;) Today's bento comes to 3.5 Weight Watcher's points.
This bento contains:
1/2 serving Shrimp & Vegetable Lo Mein (2.5 points)
6 cherry tomatoes (0 points)
cucumbers (0 points)
sliced red bell pepper (0 points)
1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese (1 point)

my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com


from last friday.

I made this for easter (yeah i know i'm late... but I just got around to uploading pictures) and I thought i'd share! The weather was kinda gloomy outside, but it was GREAT for taking pictures! And it was really yummy.

top: spiral ham sliced, rolled, peeled tangerine cutie, few strawberries sliced onto skewers.
bottom: baby carrots, italian dressing in the orange cup, celery, cherry tomato, ranch dressing in the divider cup
tight seal: romaine leaves w/ tulip cheese cutouts, cherry tomatoes and grilled cheese bunnies

as always, rest of my bentos are HERE! at my blog (:

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bentolunch @ 13 April

Cover: crackers + square of dark chocolate
Top: more crackers, corn bread with a monkey pick, caramel chocolate crisp, rice cracker
Bottom: two containers of grapes (red globe but I peeled & de-seeded them :p), cheese squares

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(PS: hello frayedgray! :p)

Bento # 525, 526 & 527

A small backlog, interrupted by a nice long Easter break... For whatever reason I never got around to posting the last two bentos before the break. But here they are, together with the newest one. I think the vacation has done me good, I can certainly feel my creative juices starting to flow again. Of course, that MAY be because I've just bought a shipload of new bento stuff - the face cutters used on #527 are new, and tomorrow when the post office opens again, I'm going to pick up two other parcels with goodies ^_^

Bento # 527
Bento # 527
Cooked leek, sausage flowers (on flower-stem picks). Fish nuggets with a cooked potato-face. Chinese egg noodles covered with a bit of lettuce and orange bell pepper. Two soy-marinated quail eggs with sausage ears.

Bento # 525
Bento # 525
Vegetable curry, plain rice. All decorated with carrot cutouts and a little bit of broccoli and peas.
Bento # 526
Bento # 526
Potato salad with dill and cherry tomatoes. Sausage "logs", crispy onions, kiwi and a Ritter Sport chocolate.

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Sandwich lunch

Pardon the cell phone picture; I lent my camera to my parents for a vacation. But here's a simple chicken sandwich bento. Mayo in the penguin, extra red tipped lettuce, string cheese, chocolate eggs, and malted milk eggs in the bottom. Kinda simple, but I forgot to buy side items when I went shopping tonight. Oops!

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